Doctors Bag

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  1. Is anyone familiar with the doctors satchel/bag? How does it wear. What do you think about it?

    * located on the bottom row, second handbag in brown.

  2. It's very cute. I've seen it in person. It isn't quite for me - a little older, I think - but it's nice. Can't say how it wears, though.
  3. i love this bag, but unfortunately wouldn't buy it because i can't sling it over the shoulder :sad:
  4. I saw the Doctor's bag in person in both the sizes. They are very ncie and dressy, but it doesnt really wear as comfortably as otehr chanel as teh handle is quite small. I tried to hold it just in my hands and my ring keep scratching it on the leather as the gap is quite small. ITs handle is kindda like the LV Alma...but much much more softer, if you are a hand held kindda girl then its for you.
  5. i've seen and tried on. the handles are uncomfortable. the leather is nice. i don't think it fits as nicely as other handheld bags. most women who i've seen using it are older, meaning in their 50s and up. hopefully that didn't offend you if you're of the age group, but i haven't seen any young people using it.
  6. No babyhart it didn't offend me I am not in that age group.
    I like handheld bags. Not sure if the handle will work thou.
  7. Sorry for off topic, where did you found those interesing and usefull catalogue pages with prices??? :roflmfao:
  8. Alice from Italy the pics were in the reference thread.
  9. Hey Janice:

    I've seen the Doctor's Bag IRL, and I like it, but I generally like handheld bags. The only drawback for me was the leather. This bag is part of the Outdoor Ligne, which has distressed leather, and I'm not really crazy about that. In my opinion, the bag would look nicer in a more-refined, polished leather.

    Anyway, Goldensx5 owns this bag. The pic below is her's, borrowed from the ref library. Maybe you could PM her to get her thoughts. Good luck!

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  10. again i'm not a big fan of the handles on the doctor's bags. when i went to the boutique today, i just tried it on to make sure of my opinion and yes, the handles aren't as comfortable.
  11. I have tried on the bag the handles did not bother me. I like the vintage look that it has. Not sure if I should get it in the smaller version or large.
  12. If the handles don't bother you, you should get it! I think this is the same bag Freetoes was yearning for, for a little while.
    The leather will scratch though, it's the same leather the brown GST is, it'll buff back out, but this really bothers some people.
  13. Swanky is scratches, but it buffs out....the leather looks better with age and wear..i really like it! it is young and modern..i'd wear it...i like the small dark brown or red
  14. Did not know it came in red :graucho: .
  15. Yeah, I think it was actually called "burgundy." Another tPFer called tlprmn bought one in August when they first came out. It was really gorgeous!!! Here is her pic from another thread...

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