Doctor Said Hips Don't Lie!

  1. So I went for my 3 month cholesterol etc. check up and my doctor said the first thing she noticed were my hips looked a little wider! I was hearing Shikira in my head singing Hips Don't Lie! The doc said to cut out 200 calories everyday for the next 3 months and that will make a big difference. Now where or where should I make my 200 calorie cut? I guess in the bakery department lol!!
  2. I hear you. I can't seem to buckle down and get these 15 pounds I need to lose off! I had a very bad "bakery day" yesterday and am trying so hard not to let it carry through today and the week-end! Good luck!
  3. Sweets are my weakness too. Birthday cake is my favorite food. I can eat an entire one by myself in one sitting. It's one thing I know I'll never be able to give up.
  4. It's so true... I lost 40 lbs a few years ago by cutting the sweets and carbs - it's painful, but it does work.
  5. my hips scare me....
  6. if you drink regular soft drinks or a lot of sugary juice, switch from that to diet or water, and that should take care of it! a regular can of coke has 120 calories!
  7. def. the soft drinks. i've basically trained myself to think of any caloric beverage as liquid fat. water water water.
  8. Unfortunatly I already only drink water and skim milk so there are no sodas I can cut. It really does come down to my portion size.
  9. When I am hungry I drink water or green tea and if I am still hungry then eat a small portion to see how long it will tide me over for.Ever thought about gum, it may be an distraction.
  10. Green tea is good for fighting fat I drink a lot of that hot and cold, especially when my thighs start getting a little thick, LOL!
  11. I have yet to lose the 16kg I've put on since the birth of my youngest, 3 years ago:sad: I've grown from US size 8 to size 12 :Push:... now what do I do? I am actually eating much less than I did before, my metabolism must have slowed down due to ageing:cry::cry::cry: helppppppp...
  12. Do you work out? Walking I have found is a good way to shed some pounds and some sort of Cardio, thats what I do...
  13. I just throw away my can of sprite (I just got it out the coke machine 3mins ago!) thank you ladies!!! THANK YOU!!!!! you just saved me! I will NEVER drink 'soft' drinks ago... soft drinks is good name for them... seeing as they make your body "soft" haha
  14. Cutting back 200 calories is super easy!

    Be really honest with yourself about every little thing you eat, and find out where you can most easily cut back.

  15. Diet drinks are also bad if not worse than regular soft drinks. It tricks your mind since it's sweet, you think you get a lot of energy, you don't and the next time you can eat smth sweet you will eat more of it... there was an experiment with mice, one group fed with sugar water and one group with artificial sweetened water. when they got to eat chocolate pudding the second group ate a lot more