Doctor CC

  1. Happy April Fools Day! Hope everyone's doing well, especially with no price increase today! :yes:

    About a month ago there were some pictures posted of the Doctor CC line of accessories that were supposed to be shipped out to stores around now. I still haven't seen any in store and was wondering if anyone had gotten more info on the line? Any info/pictures/prices would be greattlyy appreciated. Thanks so much!
  2. [​IMG]

    Here's a pic for you of the charm bracelet.^^^:yes:
  3. That is nice to know! That there are no price increase happening!! Hehe! And yeah, the doctor cc bracelet.. I saw it on my Japanese Bag Magazine! Hehe! Eye-Candy!!
  4. thanks mello_yello_jen and sammiekat! ;)
  5. My SA called to tell me she was sending me the Doctor earrings......I should have them on Monday or Tuesday, can't wait!!!
  6. Thank you for sharing..