Doctor bags/speedies. How many do you have?

Sep 23, 2006
I love doctor bags and speedy type handbags. I have 4 different designer doctor bags/speedies. Does anyone love this style handbag as much as I do? Do not leave this strictly to LV. How many doctor bags/speedies do you have? Also, which ones do you have?;):graucho:

I have the following:

Vintage Morris Moskowitz leather speedy
Alviero Martini normal global map coated canvas Speedy
Burberry haymarket coated canvas Speedy
LV damier coated canvas speedy


Living Hard
Nov 25, 2008
I really do not care for the speedy type of doctor bag. The shape is way too boring for me. However, I love the other doctor bags that are framed with almost an hourglass type of silhouette. Unfortunately, I have to settle for something cheap in material and cost because I don't see the great quality versions with the clean lines at all! It's like Iman is the only person who has them. I also love the framed ones that have a wider bottom and than gradually curve inwards and stop at narrower top and frame, i.e. the LV Ribera except with a frame.

I have 5 doctor bags, and they are some of my favorites in my collection!


Aug 5, 2009
I thought the mini Dr. Groove Satchel in purple by Marc Jacobs is adoooooraable!! I dont like speedies either, everyone here carries them too. I've totally lost interest in ALL of it.

The Burberry satchels are cute too! But I dont like the stiffness of it.
Sep 23, 2006
I'll give you the links of the exact ones I bought. I'm away from my camera and not at home to post actual photos. Although, I might be able to find ones from when I posted in the past.

This is the link to the vintage MM speedy:

This is the link to my the LV damier speedy:

This is the link to my Alviero Martini handbag:

Lastly, "my baby" my burberry (my first "speedy") I'm the first post on this page. I was super excited to buy my burberry because it was my first high end bag. In addition, I bought it while on vacation in Rome: