Doctor Bags by Professional Case

  1. I read about this company in the March issue of Lucky Magazine. If you are into doctor bags (the real thing or inspired purses), this company makes them for reasonable prices. This doctor-inspired purse is about $200:

    photo by Professional Case

    Professional Case On-line Store -- The World's Finest Doctor Bags
  2. i think that is very pretty. it would be even nicer in dark blue though
  3. I love those bags! :biggrin:
  4. According to the website, it comes in black, burgandy, navy, and hunter green too.:smile:
  5. wow, what a beautiful bag! Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have this bag?
    Is it heavy?
  7. That's really cute!
  8. I have that same issue of Lucky. I thought that was really cool. I really like that bag!
  9. I love Doctor bags... first time I've heard of Professional case though. I think the red is pretty hot.
  10. lol I kinda like it! it's cute! but if I were a real doc... wouldn't the red be screaming a bit too much? :confused1: I like the style tho, kinda reminds me of LV Suhali L'ingénieux
  11. exactly what i thought of.
  12. The pic I posted is actually of a doctor-inspired purse. They do sell real doctor bags for real doctors in the usual conservative colors.
  13. Aw that's cute! Thanks for the link :yes:
  14. i'd use the red even even if i never got MD at the end of my name, it's sooo cute :smile:
  15. Gotta get one of these for my friend who graduates from med. school in May!! Thnx for the tip.