Docride's Invaluable Thread !!!

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  1. Dear Friends,

    I felt compelled to write given that I just (today) received my favorite bag back from an Hermes cleaning and conditioning (spa) which took approximately 7 weeks to accomplish. My bag (35cm black boxcalf Birkin with gold hardware) is nearly 18 years old and it was returned to me in (as usual) lovely condition. However, I must share that, in my opinion, Doc's suggestions for care have transfomed my bags (including the one of which I write) back to a level of lustre and beauty like nothing else I've experienced (including Hermes spa).

    I am so very grateful to Doc and her user-friendly directions regarding care of our precious leather pieces. Has anyone else experienced this level of satisfaction and delight when following Doc's precise directions?

    Thank you so much, Docride ...your generosity and knowledge are most appreciated. :heart::heart:
  2. How wonderful Luciana!! Doc is the best.
  3. I couldn't agree more! (And very well said!)

    Docride is one of the sweetest, most generous ladies I've ever "met"!

  4. Beaumonde--what are you doing here? I am watching your in-process reveal!!!

    Actually this is a great thread too. Can someone give me the name of the Docride care thread??
  5. ^ Hehehe. A shout out to Docride trumped the revealing! Going back now!
  6. Do you think Doc might consider a second career as an H doc?:nuts:
  7. My black box Kelly has also benefited loads from the Blackrocks recommendation by Doc. Thank you!:heart:
  8. L - so nice gesture to thank her here.

    Let me go thru that thread again.. lazy gem must learn to moisturize my babies...

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    Here's the thread being referred to:

    On page 19, post 280 I took all of Doc's instructions and put them in one post. It includes links for purchasing the products, etc. Here's a direct link to page 19:

    I did the treatment on my raisin box Birkin and could not get over how wonderful these products are. The minute I applied the Blackrock I could see how great it was. I feel much more secure now that I have the Obernauf's on it as I don't totally freak out if I get near water.

  10. Thank you, and thanks for consolidating the best of the information!
  11. I have been on the Docride vintage bag care thread since Beaumonde's gorgeous gorgeous reveal, I have taken notes!!!!! I will order the products tommorow on my quest to the perfect patina of my 11 year old VN HAC. It is obvious that Docride is a caring,kind and generous ,individual who enjoys helping others with her knowledge!!!! Bravo to Docride it is refreshing to find a spirit such as yours on a H bag forum!!!!!(had to end with a little humour, but I ment every word I said!!!!!):woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  12. Hermes does not sanction the Docride treatment. I am sure that Docride will confirm this?
  13. Kallie Girl, Thank you for providing a wonderful consolidation of Doc's thread for us!!!:heart:
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    Dear Duchess, You are quite correct the "docride method" is certainly not sanctioned by Hermes. This fact this is clearly stated in my thread in big bold red print many times so it is not to be over looked . Please note that I have never stated anything that would imply such. It is good of you to bring this up here in this thead just so everyone is again enlightened. Thank you for posting. Kind regards,doc
  15. I am a HUGE fan of docride & her advice thread. My pre-owned chaminix birkin has been transformed thanks to Doc's advice and instructions.

    I would also like to thank Kallie Girl, who kindly took the time to condense all Doc's advice into one set of instructions, which made it so easy for a very nervous novice like me to follow, so thanks again to both of you!