Docride's Hermes Lazarus Thread (can this Hermes be Saved? )


Vache Vixen
Jun 28, 2007
AB Ranch Montana USA
Hey Doc,

I tried to search but couldn’t quite find a timetable. How often should Togo bags be sent off to H for a cleaning / conditioning. If it matters, NY so we get some humidity during the summer and dry indoor air during the winter from the heat.
Hey there!
Great question, I guess its a case by case basis... are you using the bag daily? Is it getting exposed to the elements, dirt and banged about and getting color-loss on the corners ? If so , then maybe 1 time per year, if less used and less exposure....maybe not for 5 years. Its really a case by case basis. Togo and most of the modern tanned finished leathers tend to be extremely hardy, and frequent spa services do tend to be for cosmetic purposes... just saying. I hope this wasn't too wishy washy of aan answer.?
All the best,doc
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