Docfinder vs doing things yourself?

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  1. Hi guys, I'm planning on going to Korea sometime in October to get some plastic surgery done on my face. I've contacted DocfinderKorea and they've given me four options for clinics:

    Banobagi, Cinderella, ID, and JW

    From reading some posts here it seems that there are other good clinics available.

    I don't really know what procedures to get done tbh. I just want to fix my profile, get rhinoplasty done, and even out the features of my face to look more symmetrical.

    Of course part of me is scared and has doubts. At first I wanted something low key and natural looking, just enough to enhance my features, which is why I didn't even consider getting eye surgery done since I feel like on males it can look really bad sometimes.

    However, looking at the costs they've quoted for me (which total to around or less than 22k usd before discounts) I feel like I need some sort of drastic change... like if I don't come out looking like some Korean actor or pop star I'll just have some feelings of regret.

    I'm actually planning on taking out a personal loan for this as I don't have the means of saving up that much money in a short period of time with all the student loan payments + rent payments I'm making every month.

    But I was wondering if it was worth going through the surgeries with Docfinder or if it was better to do more research and go through with things myself? Do you really get more of a discount when you go through Docfinder?

    Why is it that only these 4 clinics were recommended for me?

    Also, which clinic would be the best for a male to go to? I'm really conflicted. At first I chose Banobagi based on reviews. Then I started thinking about Cinderella because of all of the supposed entertainment industry stars that get operations done there (even though the before + after pictures of the men on their page did not appeal to me whatsoever). Then I took a look at ID and JW and actually am considering them more as they seem to be able to achieve good natural looks with their surgeries.

    I'm just really conflicted at this moment. I'm 28 years old and I feel this might be a bit of a midlife crisis for me. I've always pondered on the idea of plastic surgery but told myself I'd never get it, that I could just better myself by working out and working on my personality but lately I've feel like I've been in such a rut. It's like I've lost hope in humanity and I just want something to hold onto that'll give me some motivation to get through the next few years of my life. I want something that'll give me motivation as I start making career choices and whatnot.

    If it helps I can post a picture of my current face. It's a really average looking face. lol. I think part of what scares me so much is that I'm a guy and most of these clinics seem more geared towards females. Not to mention much more experienced with female surgeries.
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  2. BTW these are the operations suggested for me and the list of prices:

    Clinic A Banobagi (This is the price when you pay by cash or credit card. There will be no credit card charge)
    Zygoma reduction + Angular jaw correction + Genioplasty : 16.5 mil KRW or Genioplasty : 6.05 mil krw
    Rhinoplasty + Hump nose correction + Alar reduction : 6.2~7.2 mil krw

    Clinic B Cinderella (This is the price when you pay by cash or credit card. There will be no credit card charge)
    Zygoma reduction + Angular jaw correction + Genioplasty : 20 mil KRW or Genioplasty : 6.5 mil krw
    Rhinoplasty + Hump nose correction + Alar reduction : 7~ mil krw

    Clinic C ID Hospital (This is the price when you pay by cash or credit card. There will be no credit card charge)
    Genioplasty : 5.5~7 mil krw or Zygoma reduction + V-line for man : 17 million KRW
    Rhinoplasty + Hump nose correction + Alar reduction : 6~6.5 mil krw

    Clinic D JW Clinic (This is the price when you pay by cash or credit card. There will be no credit card charge)
    Zygoma reduction + Angular jaw correction + Genioplasty : 20 mil KRW or Genioplasty : 5.8 mil krw
    Rhinoplasty + Hump nose correction + Alar reduction : 5.5~6.5 mil krw
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    Hello diamantelux!

    I too have had the same dilemma. I'll be going next month and like you, got the same response from DocFinder (except I want liposuction, so they offered 365MC as well). After reading a lot of posts about people's experience with DF, I've chosen to go without them. I think it's imperative to meet with different surgeons before deciding who you're comfortable with. It just seems that services like DF just takes advantage of impatient patients to maximize profit. I'm not 100% sure why they keep offering the same clinics, but I'm assuming it's just because those are the only clinics they're affiliated with. It's a little strange; the 5 clinics are big enough to have their own translators; it would've made more sense if DF partnered with smaller clinics.

    As for the price, they do charge 2 or 3x higher than the regular price Koreans are charged. You could try bargaining when you're there (knowing how much the procedures are actually worth) or, bring someone who speaks Korean --assuming that you go without DF, just research, choose a few and book a consultation. You probably won't do the surgeries the next day, but this way, you have options. (Well, this is my plan anyway!)

    You probably don't need surgery. Most people don't. Unless you've been disfigured or born with a cleft palate or some sort of deformity. But hey, there's nothing wrong in wanting to improve the way you look. So when you say you want to get work done for the sake of motivation and something to hold on to...have you spoken about this to anyone? A confidant or a significant other, perhaps?

    If you'd like, feel free to add me on kakao! My ID is my username ;D
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  4. So my PS journey so far went like this:

    Long time ago: decided I want PS
    Jan 2016: Decided this was the year & booked PTO for May
    Feb 2016: Started doing a little research but got overwhelmed but all the information/choices. Then work got busy and I sort of.. slacked.. on reseaching
    End of Mar 2016: Realized, holy ****, I'm going in less than 1.5 months. Did a ton of reading on PF and decided I liked JW. Reached out to JW on Kakao (talked to Jay) and got quoted the following
    • Rhino (humpectomy, tiplasty, alar reduction) $5300-6300 USD
    • DES (ptosis correction) $3300-3700 USD
    • Sliding genio $8500 USD
    Naturally I got pretty overwhelmed by these high prices. I asked Jay if there was a discount for doing multiple procedures and he said 'little bit is possible, maybe 15%'. And I'm sure I could've bargained more when I'm physically in Korea. But I decided to reach out to DF anyways and was quoted:

    • Clinic A (This is the price when you pay by cash or credit card. There will be no credit card charge)
      Incision double eyelid with ptosis correction : 4.73 million KRW or Non incision double eyelid with ptosis correction : 3.5 million KRW
      Rhinoplasty + Hump correction : 6.05 mil krwr
      Genioplasty : 6.05 million KRW
    • Clinic B (This is the price when you pay by cash or credit card. There will be no credit card charge)
      Incision double eyelid with ptosis correction : 5 million KRW
      Rhinoplasty + Hump correction : 6.1 mil krwr
      Genioplasty : 6.5 million KRW
    • Clinic C (This is the price when you pay by cash or credit card. There will be no credit card charge)
      Incision double eyelid with ptosis correction : 3.5 million KRW
      Rhinoplasty + Hump correction : 5.5 mil krwr
      Genioplasty : 5.5~ million KRW
    • Clinic D (If you pay by credit card, the card fee 10% will be added)
      Incision double eyelid with ptosis correction : 3.7 million KRW
      Rhinoplasty + Hump correction + Alar reduction : 5.8 mil krwr
      Genioplasty : 5.8 million KRW

    I had a feeling JW was clinic D because my friend also got a quote from there and was told they charge 10% for credit card. Since the prices were ok (DF also promised another 8-14% discount on top of the quoted above), I decided to go for DF's services & gave them my personal information.

    Here's the pros & cons of using DF so far (haven't gone to Korea yet!):

    • They arranged my consultations & surgeries - since I work full-time, it would've been a headache trying to email clinics back and forth with these logistics. I just told DF what clinics/days I wanted and they took care of the rest
    • They said they will do airport pickups & come with me to my consultations (cannot confirm yet)
    • Overall just someone on "my side" to "take care" of me while I'm in Korea (quotes because I'm professionally skeptic by nature :P )

    • They respond relatively slow (Jennifer is my DF rep) I usually get an update everyone 24-48 hours, but theres been times where they don't respond for 4-5 days and I have to check-in with them.
    • I don't know what's going on when they don't respond- I asked Jennifer to confirm my requested JW surgeons for 5/4 and she said that Dr Suh wasn't available that date so JW recommended I do my eyes/chin first and operate with Dr. Suh for nose 5-6 days later. So I told DF that I would only pay my deposit for Eyes/chin and not for nose since I can't even have the surgery on the day I wanted to. And then shortly after, there was a response "oh someone cancelled so Dr. Suh is free on 5/4!" which the whole thing just felt a little weird. It's entirely possible that this is how it really played out, but with DF as the middle man, I don't know how hard they're fighting for me or what they're telling me vs what they're telling JW.
    • They'll only schedule you consultations with 2 clinics. If you want to consult with more, you have to do the first 2 first.

    In the end, I confirmed with JW thru DF because JW was my main choice, but also had DF set up a consultation with Banobagi for me because I'm also interested in them & it's always helpful to get a second opinion. I was also interested in Dream but they weren't in the DF list so I just set up a consultation myself. If I decide to go with Dream, I think DF will dump me as a client but hey! That's the way these things go. DF did tell me "you may also change your mind about having a surgery after all. That is completely ok. The client has the right to change her mind and decide not to come to Korea for surgery. There is no charge at all."

    Ok PHEW that was a lot to write but I hope it helps!

    TL;DR Docfinder possibly may overcharge but not significantly in my case, has it's drawbacks, but is ultimately still helpful in some ways & doesn't really carry risks to at least reach out to (BUT if you're worried about being overcharged, reach out to clinics FIRST because once you register as a DF client (by giving them your personal info like bday), my understanding is that clinics have to respect that and can't "touch you" anymore in the sense that they can't pull you aside and say "hey if you don't work with DF anymore, I'll give you their quoted price plus a 5% discount")

    (Omg even my tl;dr is long, I suck)
  5. I am looking to go in end-May 2016 but no final confirmations for clinic yet. Got the same quotes from Banobagi for non incision double eyelid with ptosis correction at 3.52 million KRW. Also in contact with Jennifer! Should be going with Banobagi if I choose to use DF. Was thinking of seeing Teium, since somebody I know got hers done there and I read a few reviews from forums that most people go to them for DES. Anyway, still thinking if I wanna use DF's services or if I should head to the clinics myself... Yikes.
  6. Lol the DF rep that I'm talking to is also Jennifer! :biggrin:
  7. Have you gotten your quotes yet? She took almost 2 weeks to get the quotes... She said the email she sent to me "bounced back" to her and that the clinics were busy.
  8. Your quotes seem crazy highI would run away from DF if I would be quoted these prices lol. I have never heard of anyone paying 7 million for primary rhinoplasty, that's a very high price.

    Also the prices for facial contouring seem very high. I would never pay that price but that's just me.

    There are plenty of clinics in Seoul, and some of them won't actually rip you off. I don't advice you to not go to the clinics you have mentioned, but higher prices does not always equal high quality. I hope you'll find a good clinic for your surgeries :smile:
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  9. Yeah, I got my quotes! And I asked for other procedures and got them as well. I posted them on the 'Post prices of Korean clinics here' thread. I do have rates for Fresh, Dream and DA as well, let me know if you want them ;D (and which procedures).

    I've heard of people posting about the 'bounce back' e-mails, but I've never had that problem. Jennifer usually asks how I am, etc. :wacko:
  10. ummmmmmmm those are reallly inflated prices lol. If the extra services is what you want there are many other agencies which will offer you a much better price with all those services included.

    Also docfinder is one of Banobagi and id's best agents. By that I don't mean they are amazing agents in general but rather I mean they have a lot of bargaining power with Id and Banobagi due to the number of patients they send. Because of that they could easily drop your price if they wanted to and negotiate a price which eats into the clinic's costs and not the patient's without lowering their commission at all so its a win win win for the patient, clinic and docfinder. But they dont do that.

    So if you are someone who feels you need the help while in Korea, use another agency, especially one that is more specialized and not refering to those same clinics regardless of the procedures. I say this because you should pick your surgeon based on his specialization and not the clinic name.

    Also it is realllllllly easy to get around Korea and do it yourself. I mean, taxis are cheap, google translate works fine for general situations when ure in stores or using public transportation. And they speak english and chinese at those clinics you mentioned. And ure prices will def b lower than what docfinder quoted u lol
  11. Hi! I am going to Seoul Korea in end of May for rhinoplasty and maybe power v lifting/acculift.And i am interested in booking surgery at The Line Clinic. I have contacted them and am ready to commit to the process, but I have some questions for those of you who have already been through this process with this clinic. I am only trying to make sure that I am dealing with the actual hospital. My questions are:

    1. I am being asked to send a $500 USD non-refundable deposit to schedule surgery with a doctor. This is before I have even had a consultation. Is this normal?

    2. I am being asked to send the at least $500 through PayPal to an email address that does not seem to be associated with the hospital. The email address is (I didn’t post the full address, but if you have dealt with the clinic you may recognize the domain). Is this a legitimate email address for this clinic? Why is it not since their website is

    3. I have been speaking with a woman named Eu (she did not provide a last name) and she says she is the supervisor for foreign accounts or general manager. I have called her cell phone. Whenever I try to call the main phone number for the hospital to verify that she works there and that the email address is the correct one to send the money to, I can never get through. I only ever reach a recorded message saying the phone is disconnected because it is not business hours. I have called numerous times during business hours (based on local Seoul time). Has anyone spoken with the hospital directly? What is the phone number to reach them?

    4. Another concern is that on the web page, at the bottom there are three links for Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Legal Notice. None of these links goes anyplace. They only take me back to the same page. This seems very suspicious to me. Am I looking a the actual website for this clinic or is there a different web address for the real web site?

    Thank you in advance for your help.Contacting and All of these items together are causing me to consider if I am actually communicating with the real hospital. If anyone has had dealings with this hospital and experienced the same thing (payed deposit to this email address through PayPal and then traveled there to complete the surgery), I would love to hear your experiences. I just want to validate that I am sending the money to the right place and that I am actually scheduling surgery at the hospital.
  12. hey there. to answer all your questions:
    1. Yes, this is standard practice in 'big' clinics in Korea (ID, JW, ITEM etc). I would personally advise against this unless you are 100% certain that The Line is where you want to go. Otherwise just tell them that'd you'd like to book a consultation instead, which they will no doubt reply back with "we cannot guarantee that we will be able to reserve a spot for your surgery if you only book a consultation". It's the same reply I got back from ITEM when I said I wasn't going to pay the $500 deposit to reserve a "spot". I just wanted a consultation anyway!

    2. Most korean websites/companies use Naver email services. It's not uncommon practice at all, it's Korea's answer to gmail. They probably didn't want to pay for their own email server that's all :smile:

    3. At the bottom of their page they have various numbers you can call depending on your chatting application (i.e. you can choose from their main number, whatsapp number, kakao talk number and viber number). if you have difficulty getting through their main number, try their kakao talk number.

    4. Korean PS websites for their English-speaking audiences are like a broken, internet paradise. Bad engrish, plain and not up to date/no-where links are the norm so don't worry! Most PS websites in Korean (this is the key) are well maintained, regularly updated and generally look much flashier than their English counterpart. You are communicating with the 'real' The LINE clinic. They have their own YT channel you can look up and watch videos of if you want peace of mind!

    good luck! :smile:
  13. Paypal seems a littttle sketchy! I paid for my JW deposit by directly wiring it into the director's bank. Maybe see if they can provide bank info for you to directly deposit? That seems safer!
  14. Also - I would try to kakao them. The official kakao # is listed on the bottom of their website (here it is for reference +82 10 4319 8007). Most clinics seem to respond fastest by Kakao instead of email or calling
  15. Hiya!

    I haven't personally done anything with The Line, but my older sister did lipo with them last month. She didn't pay for a deposit, as we have an aunt who recently became an agent for The Line. I asked my aunt about the $500 fee, and she did say that it is real. (To me they're more concerned with making sure you make a commitment so you can't back out -that's why I chose to not go with them)

    If you'd like, my aunt can help you (assuming your country does not have a rep, and Eu is just the general manager) with the process. I can give you her e-mail via pm.

    But honestly, you should look into other clinics, don't rush your decisions before actually meeting the person who's going to cut into you lol