Doc Martens


Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
I haven't worn Docs in almost 20 years, but back then they were made in the UK and took only a little while to break in. Now they are made in China by an entirely different manufacturer, so I can't tell you how long it will take to be comfortable. I only had the short ankle boots and they were relatively comfortable, but not great.
Mar 26, 2008
they're true to size. i just bought the 8-holed ones from :biggrin:

these are my first pair, i'm quite surprised that they didn't take too long to break in. i read from other forums that some pairs take a while to break in. like some taking a hammer to it to soften the leather. :-P


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Sep 9, 2006
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I used to own a pair of the original 10-hole back(in classic leather) in high school. They were true to size. Took about a week or so to break in.

Recently, I bought a pair of the 8-Eye Darcie with heels in patent leather. Still true to size, but boy...they r a pain on the butt with all the rubbing. I had to put cushions in to ease the pain. It might have something to do with the stiffness of the patent leather. So if i were to buy another pair of Doc martin, I would've pick the classic leather or nubuck.


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Oct 22, 2010
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I wore a pair in high school LOL .. they looked so hawt with my mini plaid skirts , white tee, and black vest top hehehe all my friends loved that look .. and yes they are true to size.


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May 8, 2010
True to size, but they don't come in half sizes...
Breaking them in can be a pain in the a$$ (at least, that's how they've always been on me - I buy half a size smaller because I step out of the 1/2 bigger ones... the leather is pretty stiff) but they're worth it to me!
Docs don't break, ever!

Oh, and if they're tight in certain places, consider blow drying them and wear them for the next few hours - leather gets more supple from heat!
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