Do YSL bags ever go on sale?

  1. I love the Rive Gauche, but I can't afford it at the full price. I'm on a budget, and I'm finding myself buying too many designer bags- either for my mom or me.

  2. Yes, they do. It's rare that you see them on sale online, but I have on NM's website.
  3. Yes, but go to the store instead...
  4. i think they do..Ive seen before in NM
  5. Would you know around when they go on sale?

  6. Yes, they occasionally go on sale, just a select few. I was lucky enough to have a SA at NM that snagged the Hunter green RG for $1,000, first call at NM. I was undecided, but decided to go ahead, glad I did, esp. since the price went up to $1795........
  7. Bluefly seems to have a lot of YSL bags at a discount.
  8. yes they do go on sale but it's best to go to an actual ysl boutique. sometimes they will drastically mark down a style that isn't selling (ie, from 4 -digits to 3...) ;)
  9. I need a drastic cut like that!!!:p
  10. i like a drastic cut too esp on the YSL MUSE WHITE LARGE haha
  11. LOL!!!!
    i'm hoping i can get the ostrich downtown marked down that far [well, or at least to a very low 4 digit], in july.... :ninja:
    we'll see... i can try to stay positive...
  12. yes, they go on sale., but of course, it depends how popular the item is and if you're able to get one in time before it's sold out.

    my first designer bag was a ysl rive gauche small evening pouch/cosmetic bag that i got on sale :smile:
  13. yes they do.......
  14. when are the ysl boutique sales?