Do you've your fave buyer? She's my most fave ;D

  1. After being stress for a few days due to mad buyer, I can say today is my lucky day :heart: One of my buyer sent me the email below... Her email is so lovely and make me so happy :love: she's over 500 feedbacks and has some bad exp with fake LVs on eBay, even she said 30% of her LVs purch are for fake and she's making big fight to get back her $$$

    Hi Sheila,
    I'm writing you from work because I've not been online at home for a few days because I've been just crazy busy and my world is falling apart - LOL. The good news is when they bury me I'll have pretty bags surrounding my casket. I am soooo kidding of course, but the reason for the email is to officially confirm I did receive that beautiful bag on Tuesday. It is totally awesome. I have not taken it to our local LV store yet because I'm waiting for a couple other items, but I could tell the difference in the bag you sent me and the two fake ones I received before. As soon as I opened the box and saw the authentic dust bag I was put at ease. When I took the bag out I could plainly see the differences, wider leather straps, considerably larger and wider bag, different feel to the material. Everything. I emailed my daughter immediately and told her my good news {Nobody knew it, but I was jumping up and down inside}. I shared with you earlier that two people had sent me fakes. Well, this was going to be my third and last time because we have a saying "third time is the charm". So if this hadn't been a good deal, I wouldn't have tried again. Now, I don't need to try after all and it couldn't be for a better reason. Because it is REAL!!!!!
    I will write again and leave feedback when I have more time. So you can imagine I am swamped trying to get everything at work and home squared away before tomorrow night.

    I just wanted to check in so you wouldn't worry that I received it okay, say thank you again, and hope you rest assured your Louis Vuitton Manhattan has definitely found a good home.

    Before I go, may I ask you something? You have such beautiful things and I did read your About Me page, but I can't help but wonder, without getting too deeply into your personal affairs, are you wealthy and just use your beautiful things for a certain amount of time then are able to purchase the newer "models" as we would say in the States?

    hanks again, xxx.

    Take Care!


    Just want to share with fellow tPfFers, wish all of my buyers as nice as her :love:

  2. Its always nice to have a positive experience like this, especially after having a bad one! :tup:
  3. That was soooo sweet! Lucky You!!:love: Thanks for posting.
  4. Thanks for positive response :smile: Have a nice day...
  5. thanks for sharing, I'd love to have a buyer (better yet, all my buyers!) like her.
  6. That is such a nice letter!
  7. This buyer must be so happpy so spent time to tell you this many details. All efforts are paid. Congratulation!
  8. Thanks, lovemyangels :love: yes, she make me happy and for temporary, I forgot the claim against me ( another buyer damaged bag to get refund after failed to claim as not auth ), wish all of buyers like her :flowers:
  9. That is so nice! But you ARE an excellent seller, and you completely deserve the praise. Congrats!
  10. :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  11. That was an awesome sweet thing to have happen. Good For you!
  12. Notes like that make me stay with eBay.
  13. Many thanks to all and Lori :smile: yes, such this buyer make us feel that eBay is actually not too horibble unless we encounter mad buyer then ;) :lol:
  14. Delighted you received this lvgodiva after the rotten time you've been having - maybe the good Gods of Ebay are going to smile on you a bit more now?! I hope so!
  15. Wow what a lovely person! Honestly though lvgodiva, you more than deserve this after the hell you have gone through with the papillion!