Do your ZC padlocks scuff?

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  1. As much as I LOVE my ZC, the padlocks have scruffed easily, and I rarely use them now.

    I just bought another ZC, and am a bit worried about using the pockets for this reason. Should I leave the little sticky things on padlocks to keep them from scuffing, or just not worry about it?

    What do you use your ZC pockets to carry?
  2. I posted a thread about this and no one has responded yet.. hopefully someone will, because I am dealing with this issue too (but on my Venetia). I don't know if there are products, cloths, or something else to use. Any tips would be great!
  3. Yeah, I'd love to find out a way to protect them as well!
  4. I'm looking at it right now, and the zip clutch's padlocks are so shiny and new! I don't want to ruin them, and feel so silly since the purpose of a wallet is to be functional!

    I've never had this problem with my Stella, Sophia, or MP.
  5. my venetia still has the thin little clear stickers on can't see them and it protects really good...thats what i'd do w/ your new ZC too...
  6. Mine is definitely scuffing :crybaby:. Not that bad but I see a little white spot on both pushlocks and mine is gold hardwares. I guess it's inevitable :shrugs:
  7. Hey which 2 colors of ZC do you have?? did you post pics?
  8. ditto.. I never took mine off either and they still look pretty good.
  9. I kept the stickers on to protect them. It does a good job and doesn't even show. Too bad my Blake didn't have the stickers =/. Beacause I used it like 2 times and it got scuffed. I am REALLY sad about it.
  10. I don't use the pushlocks on any of my bags or my zc....I know it may sound odd but they're hard for me to open w/ one hand anyways and I'm always in a hurry and don't want to fuss....Hence, no scratches....Not sure if I like the idea of leaving the plastic on...I could see the coverings easily on my new bags and it was pretty obvious...Great idea though..have to wait for a new MJ bag someday to see if the plastic is invisible!
  11. Bubbleliciousis, I do have to post some pics! Just as soon as I figure out how...LOL.

    I have a caramel/carmel ZC, and just got my dream -- a zip clutch in Cherry Blossom!!


    I am going to leave the protective covering on for now! The scruff marks bother me too much.
  12. I think the plastic is still on both of mine?... So I don't think I've had any problems with scratches.

    Congratulations on finding your dream zip clutch!! Such a beautiful color!!:yes:

    Oh - and to answer your question of what I carry in the front pockets? I carry fortunes that I've gotten in the past, and a little note of encouragement that my DH wrote for me before I took the GMAT about 4 years ago... :smile: