Do your UGGS scrape your heel?

  1. I have classics and they are fine but I tried the sundance (which has the thicker bottom like the ultimates) and they were really scraping my heel so I exchanged for a smaller pair, and now if I wear socks, it's tolerable, but I'm just worried if I start wearing them out and about, they might hurt my heel. Am I the only one, anyone have any issues with scraping and the thicker sole styles?
  2. hey - i have the ultimates and at first they scraped my heel a bit too. but i started wearing socks and after a week or so it didnt really bother me anymore. like i got a few blisters but then now they are fine. so i think youll just have to break them in a bit!
  3. thanks, I think I'll keep them then, they are really cute and so warm too.
  4. Mine do, but only when I wear ankle socks. When I wear tall socks or go barefoot, this doesn't happen. Weird...
  5. I've never had this problem?:confused1:
  6. I've not had this issue, but I own the classic tall (2 pairs.)
  7. I am aware of my heel rubbing in my ultra talls, as opposed to the classic short. I guess it is the thicker sole.
  8. my uggs have always rubbed the back of my ...heel/ankle. the back of my foot. not the bottom of my heel. i am not really making sense?

    anyway i just wear thick socks and it combats the problem. but they keep my feet comfy and toasty so i love them anyway
  9. I have the classic tall uggs and I don't have that problem.
  10. ^^It doesn't happen with my classic uggs, only my ultimate and sundance.
  11. I have had this with all of my UGG boots, but it seems to go away after the first couple of times I wear them. I think it's just a breaking-in thing. But getting blisters from sheepskin-lined boots was weird.
  12. Oh my gosh, I have the same exact problem.
    I bought the Ugg Locarno style, and after wearing it for a day without socks, I couldn't even WALK home. I was limping the whole way. (true paiiin)

    I am very saddened by this, and it's discouraged me from buying UGGs now. :sad:

    But it seems like classic is ok.. I might have to go there instead.
  13. I have never had a problem but I bought mine a bit big. Its like walking on pillows. I love when its ugg season. I have 2 pairs of Sundance's and love them!
  14. i've only had the classic and had this problem. but my feet are funny
  15. Yeah, when I first got my classics I was supprised how they scrape your ankle a bit if you're barefoot. It doesn't feel like a smooth fit against the heel. I just wear socks though and it doesn't bother me. Actually when I wore them barefoot the other day they were fine so maybe it's just a breaking them in issue?