Do your toes lie flat?!

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  1. OK just got my first pair of Loub's..Decollete 554...OMG so sexy....but OMG my toe cleavage..ACK!!!

    .. my toes don't lay this normal??.. Three of them are BENT...(LMAO bear with me--newbie) Did I get the wrong size?..thinking I should go a 1/2 size up not sure if I'll find them..I've been wearing them at home today..yeah my toes are pinched but it's bearable yet I don't slip..starting to have doubts they won't be comfy for a whole day or evening...

    I bought them in Miami last week at Saks and now I'm wondering if my toes are just too long for these..a google search shows these babies sold out..

    I txtd my Saks SA and he is going to do a store search Monday...

    Just wondering if this is normal and I shouldn't bother...I REALLY want to enjoy these shoes..

  2. The minute I hear toes being pinched my feeling is that the shoes probably don't fit. I usually buy all my CLs a half size up unless they are extremely comfortable when first trying on in the store. Given that they're new, they may stretch a bit over time (I've never really experienced this although many say they stretch). I'd say go back to any stores carrying them to see how a half size up feels and then see which fits better.
  3. ^Yes I agree...hopefully I will be able to find a larger size or else this shoe just isn't for me..the toe box is very short in this shoe and I have long toes lol..for what I paid I want to wear them and have them feel good..otherwise they will just be wasted by sitting here..thanx for responding ;)
  4. Just for reference here are picks..

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  5. Killer shoes though..I love the silouhette..I hope I can size up but I'm not holding my breath..

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  6. They look too small to me. I would strongly suggest sizing up, not only will they be uncomfortable, you will also ruin your feet in the long run.
  7. Yep I'm going to send them to my SA in PA and exchange...the SA in Miami said they should be tight and they will stretch..being my first pair I took his word..but I should have known better..I know all about foot pain when it comes to poor fitting shoes..just not worth it..
  8. Yes dear, Louboutin can be so tricky! I would go up a half a size, you don't want to damage your feet during the process of stretching. You want to enjoy your first pair and wear them as much as possible.

  9. You know it! I think I would be crippled first..fingers crossed..I'm still wondering why that SA said they had to fit that way at first..I took his word but I know better and I fear I got suckered for a sale....
  10. It really sucks a SA let you walk out the store with ill-fitting shoes such as these. I hope you're able to find a better fit.
  11. ^ Me I said...they don['t hurt my feet...but hell I want to wear them all day so I suspect with my toes being bent up like that they would eventually kill lol!..Plus what if I want to wear them for a wedding? No dancing for me I bet...

    In hindsight yeah he shouldn't have sold them to me..I asked for a larger size but they were out..he said they would stretch..what would I know..

    There are no high end department stores where I when I do get to big cities I take advantage..I can order bags and stuff by mail but these I KNEW I had to try on..just kinda bummed that now I have no choice but to reconcile this by mail..

    But I have a great contact at the Saks in Bala Cynwood...not to worried..he will find something for me!
  12. Hope the size you need will be available.. they are nice shoes
  13. I dunno girl it kinda looks like the problem may not be the length of your foot and the length of the shoe but the width of the shoe and the width of your foot you could go up a size but then they may be to big and your heel will want to slip up when you walk there is truth that loubs have a really wacky size system and the diff styles all fit different which is really annoying but esp with the pigalles I buy all mine pretty damn tite and let them break in and stretch and mold to my feet and then they are perfect but those first few days aren't fun lol so ya be careful if you go to big and then they will be slipping off your feet
  14. Had the same problem with mine when I first got them , I wore them around the house to start with and now I can run a marathon in them . I will shortly post pics with the 'new' broken in fit .
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395699134.914797.jpg
    Last pic is how much they stretched and changed shape !
    In comparison to my new Black suede So Kate , got them yesterday but they make my toes go white and then blue ...I just hope they are going to stretch like the patent Décolleté did