do your teeth hurt when you have a fever...?

  1. i am having a little bit of a fever now, and my teeth hurt like mad....
    the only other time they hurt like this was when my wisdom teeth were growing and had to get extracted.
    sorry... i just had to tell somebody since my hubby is not listening
  2. Mine do the same. I grind at them because they hurt so much. :flowers:Feel better soon!
  3. YES! They definitely scares me because it feels like I have a cavity or something but I don't. When I was sick a couple weeks ago, I had a tonsillar abscess and one of the symptoms besides the fever was radiating pain (to your ears so it feels like an your teeth so it feels like a toothache etc.).
    So don't's definitely common..hope you feel better! :heart:
  4. I Have This Happen A Lot. I Was Really Sick The End Of Last Week & This Weekend With Pretty Much The Same Thing. Mine Is Definitely Related To My Horrible Sinus Problems......Mine Gets So Bad, It Turns It To A Migraine. This Is Rare But, I Can't Even Put My Hair Back ~ It Hurts.

    I Am Doing Better Today! Thank Goodness!

    I Hope The Same For You...me_love_purse!!!!! :smile: Please Let Us Know How We Can Help!!!
  5. awww, feel better soon!
  6. All the damn time. It sucks a lot...Feel better!!!
  7. my fever causes Bones Pain.. hell of pain ..

    plz take care and get well soon :heart:
  8. sometimes they do.. but urs sounds like they're hurting much more. I hope u feel better!!!
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