Do your smooth leather luggage scratch easily???

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  1. I just received my Black Smooth Leather Mini Luggage and it is a beauty! My concern is how easily it scratches. I had considered maybe parting with my Anthracite pebbled Mini to help fund the Smooth but now I'm not sure. I love how all of you look modeling your Smooth! If I keep the Black Smooth it will be my 4th Luggage & I really only need 3. Would love to hear some of your input!
  2. The smooth is definitely more delicate than the pebbled, but I haven't had a problem with scratches. Little scuffs mostly buff out easily.

    I am still more careful with my smooth luggage than with my pebbled. The pebbled bags just feel like they can take a little more of a beating.
  3. The darker coloured smooths will scratch relatively easily, yes; however, the lighter colours don't seem to have such an issue.
  4. Thanks! I also have the camel smooth but haven't carried it yet so I wasn't sure how it would wear. I hate these decisions! I would just wait on the black smooth if the prices weren't about to take a leap! I love the color of my Anthra but not real keen on the slouchiness and that it has no "feet". I prefer the extra structure with the smooth.
  5. I have the same concerns. I haven't used my cobalt smooth mini yet because I am afraid of scratching and marks. Will you treat your bag with anything before using it?
  6. That's a good question! Should we treat it? If so, with what? Sorry I'm no help since I need help myself! :P
  7. i went to purchase a smooth black mini brand new out from the box but it had a scruff mark right on the do i get it off i tried wiping it vigorously when the sa wasnt looking but it didnt come does that mean its scratched??
  8. Upon my observation, YES, but it smooths out easily when I rubbed them w/ my fingers. So I cut my nails short. And when I reach home I wipe the exterior w/ a dry soft cloth.
  9. yes, it does scuff easily but there is no other way around it. i treat my bag as a bag and not like anything more than a bag. i think it is more charming to have your bag actually look used and lived in rather than to have it pristine and immaculate. just have to relax and enjoy the bag! if it is too much of a concern then you should have considered other leather options or other bags for that matter!

    besides, if it really does look used and loved then it's another excuse to get yourself a new one! ;) just use and wear your bag in good health. as at the end of the day, only you are the one that is fussing over that little scuff.
  10. ^this. Smooth leather does scratch easily and I don't think you can prevent that from happening. I really want my burgundy mini to get some small scuffs and scratches through daily usage, I think it will add to the look, character and give dimension. If you are too worried about the used look you can go for the pebbled anthra instead of black smooth. At the end, both smooth and pebbled will show some use if you actually use them :smile: So if you love the bag, instead of worrying about keeping it pristine enjoy it!

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  11. Actually, I think the cobalt blue smooth mini is pretty resistant to scratches. I love the bag btw.
  12. I just wore my Camel Mini, but I'm not so concerned w/ scratches, though I'm still careful about it. The slight issue is the weight, I have my regular stuff inside it that I carry w/ me everyday in my usual balenciagas, this feel too heavy. Does the weight bother you guys?
  13. it doesn't seem so heavy to me, but then again, I carry Balenciagas with giant hardware LOL
  14. My mom bought the Burgandy mini smooth leather and is concerned about the scratching issue as well.
  15. I just received my camel smooth, and I am not sure if I should keep it. I am so scared of it!