Do your SA's agree?

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  1. Just thought I would maybe get a clear answer if you could ask your SA's in your Country

    Is SO for croc closed until 2008?

    According to mine in Canada - yes.

    Also, there will soon be a price increase:wtf:
  2. Wow, my SA didn't make mention of it when I was expressing my preferences to her...she only said that she hadn't seen any croc SO'd come in under a year.
  3. I even think my SA may have meant that Paris will not be sending any Croc to boutiques until 2008, could I have misunderstood this point? I will ask again, but if you can ask, I think we should know!!!:hysteric: :wtf: :lol:
  4. My SA said they are not taking orders for croc at the moment ...
  5. My SAs said that there was a price increase on Jan 1.
  6. ^^^^^^There's always a price increase on January 1.
  7. Yep - the (now former) manager at my store said no crocs orders for the next two podiums at least (for my store).