Do your pets like to chew on your LV?

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  1. Strange title, I know. We have two cats and lately our one cat has been having an infatuation with licking and biting on my mom's Vernis Brea GM. Naturally, we don't condone the behavior but she is seriously addicted to smelling the bag! Now my mom can't forget to leave her bag out of sight and has to keep it safely hidden away at night. :confused1:

    I have never had this problem with my Tivoli PM nor with past designer bags. It's the strangest thing. Do you think she is attracted to the LV smell?
    Our other cat has also taken a liking to it: smelling and trying to lick the leather/hardware. Neither cats have a biting problem. They are always so well-behaved. Except when it comes to LV. They are developing quite an expensive habit... :sweatdrop:

    :thinking: Just wondering if I am going crazy here...

    Any insight/advice? :weird:
  2. my puppy used to smell my lv bags but she didn't bite or anything. Now, she sleeps next to it if i put it on the bed. =] i guess she adores it too.
  3. Lol my Persian kitty sleeps IN my neverfull and she chews me out if she can't. It's pretty adorable so I can't tell her no.

  4. my guess would be that something got on your mom's hands and she touched the bag, or maybe there is something with how the vernis smells in particular. the cat likes the smell/thinks the smell is food, so the cat sniffs/licks/chews on it.
  5. Chewy Vuitton lol
  6. melovehandbags That is so sweet of her! She must know it's special!

    lilmountaingirl That sounds absolutely adorable!!!

    lelliebunny Ah yes, this might possibly be the case. Hopefully the smell will fade over time!

    ulikeymahpurze? :roflmfao:

    Thanks for the posts everyone! :hugs:
  7. I have 3 cats and they do not chew on any bags-----
  8. My bunny would probably eat my bags, she chews on everything in sight! Luckily I do not give her the chance to get anywhere near them. :biggrin:
  9. lol, thank goodness my babies (dogs) don't, but I've lost quite a few pairs of shoes from them!
  10. My dog will sometimes sniff my purse but never lick/bite it.. The day I see any of the sort I will make sure it does not happen ever.

    But he is a shoe lover.. haha.. but all my shoes are in my room in my closet (away from him) or on a high shelf. (=
  11. My lil guy likes to smell my Totally, but none of my other bags hehe. I acidentally placed it on the floor last night and he went straight up to it and laid next to it.
  12. One of my cats tries to chew the corner of my vernis agenda when I write in it, maybe there's something in the vernis that they love??
  13. The most my dogs have done is lick them. I'm glad I don't have a problem with them chewing... =]
  14. My shih tzu likes to stiff mine. Maybe it's the vachetta handles.
  15. One of my cat's daily routine when I come home is that he digs in my speedy when I'm not paying attention and takes out all the pens if I forget to keep my bag zipped up.. luckily so far my purse just get bent out of shape with his prodding and licking or bite marks as of yet..