Do Your Other Shoes Pale In Comparison?

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  1. Hey girls..

    I was doing a photo 'collage' of my shoe collection the other day (in the Glass Slipper thread - Collection pics if you want to see) and it was so weird how my other shoes which I've previously been in love with, have paled in comparison to my new CL's. I don't mean style wise etc, but the heel heights. There are shoes I used to think, wow these are such a high heel, but when I was taking pictures of all my other shoes I was thinking, actually, these are a breeze!

    Do any of you get that with your shoes??
  2. My other shoes pale in comparison regardless of heel height! They just don't excite me the way my CL shoes do--I think it might be "over" for some of them!

    The weather has been awful here--tons of snow, so I do wear my "other" shoes in order to save my CL shoes from too much wear and tear--but I miss them so! :sad:
  3. Honestly yes. Not just the heel hight (but I have experienced that too), but they just "do it" for me like other brands dont.
  4. Yeah...I have close if not over 200 pairs of shoes(mostly non-premier designers)...I wont wear them anymore! I have been sticking to mostly my CL's and other high end designers. Is that bad?