do your lv grooms come along with the dust bag???????

  1. hey girls, m just wondering that if your lv grooms coming along w/ the dust bags. ( especially for those who bought from holt renfrew in Canada) thx.
  2. All mine came with boxes and bags
  3. My cles came with one :yes:
  4. They should since they require special care (e.g. the paint needs to be protected).
  5. Yes it did. dustbag, care booklet, tags an box
  6. Everything that I have ever bought has came with a dust bag.
  7. oh god!! cuz mine doesn't have one!! and I actually asked the BA for the dustbag, and she said "No, no dustbag.".... should I go back to the store n' asking one?
  8. I didn't get a dustbag either!! All the SA did was put my groom cles in those flimsy envelope things and then into a paper bag!! They were pretty busy I guess.. But I really want to get a dust bag as well! Will they give me one if I go back and ask for one?
  9. I bought mine today, came with care booklet, dustbag and a nice box with a slide out drawer
  10. Yes, dustbag, drawer box, care booklet etc
  11. Definitely go back, and speak to a manager if that's what it comes down to ! :Push:
  12. Mine came with everything as well...i would be :censor: pissed if it came in an envelope
  13. What advice does the care booklet give in terms of keeping the design?
  14. It says:

    In order to preserve your product's beauty for as long as possible, we advise you to follow these recommendations:

    1. Avoid prolonged exposure of your screen-printed product to the sun, as this could distort its color. Bright inks are particularly sensitive to light due to the specific pigments used.

    Keep your product in its felt cover. Protect from humidity and keep it away from all cources of heat (radiators, the inside of your car in summer). - OH NO - WILL THE THING MELT?:supacool:

    Avoid all contact with any material likely to cause dye to transfer onto the canvas coating (magazines, other leather goods) - I imagine that includes the inside of my damier Speedy!:hysteric:

    Do not hesitate to consult your Louis Vuitton boutique for advice if necessary.
  15. Here's the little story about the groom guy, if anyone is interested:

    Inspired by a Louis Vuitton advertisement dating from 1921, the Monogram Groom collection is a tribute to the House's history, which is rooted in the art of travel and luggage.

    At the start of the 20th century, while sumptuous luxury hotels flourished, a well-to-do clientele, eager for discovery, boarded great transcontinental express trains and embarked upon ocean liners to visit major capitals full of enchantingly named hotels: New York, Paris, London, Shanghai and Tokyo. These globetrotters collected hotels' coats of arms on their subtly decorated trunks. Sometimes, the owner's initials were discreetly inscribed on his Louis Vuitton trunk, emphasized by two handpainted bands of color reflecting the family crest.

    In order to make these travelers' visits in these great hotels all the more pleasant, an immaculately turned out Groom was on hand to always do his best to welcome the clientele. He passed on messages, stacked up the trunks and carried parsels, transporting whatever was necessary with a perfectionist's touch.

    Today, Louis Vuitton continues to embody dreams of travel with this screen-printed monogram canvas collection in the traditional Louis Vuitton trunk colors, blue, red, cream, white, off-white, yellow, greena nd orange. The Groom figure, also screen printed and directly inspired by the advertisement, is a symbol of the world of luxury hotels.

    The quality of the finish is made possible today by perfect mastory of the screen printing technique. To obtain this result, no less than 12 screens are successively superimposed and juxtaposed to create the purity of color and finesse of the features. Moreover, the Groom figure is as if animated through the use of variable pigmentation painting. Extreme attention to quality is thus obvious in every detail.

    We wish you an excellent trip.