Do your Jimmy Choo Heels squeak when you walk?

  1. So I love my new Choo's but I noticed they squeak when I walk on hard surfaced, tile, hardwood etc...

    I called the SA and she said this was normal with Jimmy Choo? Is it? I guess none of my other Choo squeak.
  2. I own almost 30 pairs of Jimmy Choo's and only 1 squeaks. It is the most annoying thing in the world. And not to mention embarassing. You would think that if we are paying that much money for a pair of shoes they could ensure that the shoes do not make noises!
  3. drives me crazy. I am lke $400 shoes they squeak? People look at you funny. Well hopefully this will be my only squeaking pair.

    The SA made it sound though as if it was a totally common issue with them. What can you do to make them stop squeaking?
  4. That is a very good question. I just blame it on the dog. :smile:
  5. Former shoe saleslady here. A squeaking shoe means the shank is broken. It can't be repaired as it's inside the sole.
  6. Wow, thanks I wondered what it was...I have a pair of Chanel heels that I love, but they squeek, even my son noticed it. Does this mean that some day I'll have a "fashion road kill" incident like Carrie on the runway in SATC? :nuts:
  7. If the shank is broken, isnt' the shoe defective then? Or in the least be prone to snap? I called Jimmy Choo and the SA told me, I just needed to replace the heel taps?
  8. Yes, broken shank = defective shoe. For this reason, I would never purchase a pair of shoes that squeak. I don't know that the manufacturer will do anything if you've had the shoes for a while. Test the shoe by holding it near your ear and flexing it. If you hear a squeak or clicking noise, the shank is broken. If you only hear the noise when walking, then it's possible that replacing the heel caps would help.
  9. I only own 3 pairs of Choos and none of them squeak
  10. None of mine squeak, thank GOD!!!
  11. I own 3 pairs and it's only my Susan's that squeak and then it's just the left one, I thought it might've me lol
  12. Uh, yeah! I have a pair that squeaks. They're new, too!
  13. My only pair I bought squeaks -it sounds like it's from the heel though. The heel taps were just replaced and I tried mine on today and it still does the same thing. Is there anything I can do about this??
    I own two new Pradas that does the same thing too.
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  14. That comment about heel shanks being broken is utter rubbish! It's just the rubber of the heel tip slipping against a hard surface, not alot you can do about it
  15. I agree. Squeaking is NOT the sign of a broken shank.

    It's often a matter of where the heel is placed on the shoe and how you carry your weight. My shoes tend to squeak, whether they're Manolos or Choos, because I always set my weight slightly back and therefore edge the heel of my shoe forward a little too much (resulting in many a broken heel).

    Also, it could be the foot itself sliding in and out of the shoe that causes squeaking. In which case, an insole may help.