Do your heels get scuffed while driving?

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  1. I pretty much live in 4 inch stilettos which means I drive in them too of course. My problem is the heel and the back of the heel cup get sooo scuffed up after just a few trips.

    Is anyone else having this problem when driving in heels? Do you know how to stop it from happening?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. My heels got scuffed before. I learned to take them off when driving. =)
  3. I have a pair of Tods driving mocs. One of the best investments and my heels thank me.
  4. I keep a pair of flip flops or such in my car so this doesn't happen.
  5. I once had my heel stuck in between the pedal, and I nearly freaked because it meant I couldn't take my foot off the accelerator easily to brake.

    After that, I learnt to take off my heels while driving. It's a hassle, but at least I don't worry about my shoes or getting stuck.
  6. Yea, I generally wear something else when I'm driving and then switch them before I get out of the car. I'm dying for a pair of Car Shoes.
  7. heels when driving is such a BAD idea! take those things off before you kill someone!
  8. I usually bring a pair of havaianas when I'm driving because I have scuffed my heels in the past. Since havaianas come in so many colors, you can find a pair to match any outfit just in case you have to change out of your sexy stilettos cause they are killing your feet. Believe me, I speak from experience!
  9. if i'm going out in heels and i'm driving - i always take them off before i hop into the car... i tend to drive in barefeet when its summer anyway... LOL - hehehe... omg that sounds so NOT fancy... hehehehe!!! I swear I live in the City and I don't chase sheep! hehehehehehehhehehe
  10. i keep slippers in the car and make sure i switch while driving
    i used to have a stick and it was hell on shoes and my heel got caught and i had the clutch down-- really bad bad experience dont want it to happen again
  11. s take them off before i hop into the car... i tend to drive in barefeet when its summer anyway... LOL - hehehe... omg that sounds so NOT fancy...
    that is so me too !!!:nuts::nuts:
  12. I purchased some little Persian rugs and put them in the car floors over the plastic mats that came with the car purchase.

    I love them. Very classy. No worn heels.

    I wash the little rugs in the washing machine. I air dry flat. They are thick so they tend to buckle. I weight them down with some 3"x3" granite sample squares.
  13. I have a terry towel on the floor to protect heels.
  14. I always take my shoes off when I drive, esp since I have a manual.
  15. I used to ruin my suede pumps all the time, especially when I had a stick shift. I always kept an old pair of flats in the car for driving.