Do your H bags lose their appeal to you after wearing them a few times?

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else not feel the same thrill wearing your new treasure after the first time or two? I have some that I have wanted so much, but after I have them for a relatively short time, I start to develop a taste for a different color, or a different style...
  2. I may want a new addition, but the bags I have just NEVER lost their appeal to me. NEVER, and this story has been going on for more than 12 years.
  3. :yes::yes:^word
  4. ^No, not at all. What are you having 2nd thoughts about? (If you don't mind me asking). They are so classic, I'm never tire of them, do I want more, yeah sure ... :p
  5. It's a bit like a relationship.... the 'thrill' feel may disappear but the strong love remains.....
  6. me! i'm having second third and fourth thoughts about my massai. very complicated as to why. some reasons are about the bag, some are about me.
  7. no i just love them the same like day one but do i want more? you bet !
  8. OH, dear, no. I love them. But I have thought about them and agonized over them for so long before acquiring them.....I have never surprised myself with a bag while browsing at H....

    That being said, there is always room for one more.:p

    Sometimes when I change bags, I leave the empty on sitting on my shelf in my office for a few days, before putting it away....

    They are just bags....but then again, they are much more than bags in some ways......
  9. hi guys
    an interesting question...well i have my birkin for 2 weeks now and the feeling it's getting more and more intence everytime i wear it. Although i'm already thinking about my next birkin. Do you feel less appealed by the look or is it the general feeling?
    I think you should be proud of your bag every time you put it on...
  10. :yes::yes::yes: IKWYM!!!!
  11. No ... They were each very carefully chosen and I would not trade a single one. :heart:
    Always thinking about the next one though.....:yes:
  12. Not yet! Well, my hands don't shake when I pick it up like they did the first time, but I'm still totally in love with my Bolide (and my Trim as well).

    Sometimes I lust over something I see pictured here, especially things that fill a niche these two bags can't cover (the entire Kelly Pochette thread, for example!), but I haven't yet had a desire to replace them.
  13. That has happened to me a several times...not only with bags but with lots of things I own. I have come to realize that I am the type who needs to live with something for a little while and then I know if it's me or not. For example, I knew Mr Rocker for 7 years before I dated him, 4 years before I got engaged, and 3 years before I finally married him!
    I have lusted after many Hermes bags (scarves, bracelets, etc), finally get them and then find that they are just not me for some reason --either the skin, color or style is wrong. I used to beat myself up about it but now I am just resigend to knowing it is part of my strange personality. Oh well!
  14. ^^^^^^^ Describes me perfectly:yes:
  15. ^^ I am that way as well Rockerchic. Unfortunately for my wallet, I don't know if I absolutely love and can live with something until I have it and use it for a bit. I've made plenty of mistakes and just chalk it up with getting to know myself. The same bag in different leathers is like a different planet and since we can't easily try everything on at any given boutique it makes the decisions hard for me.