Do your friends wear expensive bags too?

  1. Hi everyone,

    as above?

    Yesterday, I brought my LV Red Epi Speedy out with me to a friend's birthday dinner. And there were quite alot of ppl where noone had expensive bags. One of them said "OMG i LOVE your bag! Its soo nice" And so i was just like.. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::s 'ehe thx..' Of course it was happy that someone complimented but i don't want ppl thinking im such a rich person that wastes all my money on bags and other luxurious stuff (I also love my gadgets especially mobile phones...I get LOTS of reactions when friends see my Prada phone.)
    It felt like i was kinda out of place or some kind of 'gap' was there.

    Is that just my thinking? What do you guys think? Has anyone come across any awkward situations with your friends and your lovely purses?
  2. None of my friends carry expensive purses. My sister in law loves bags but the most expensive she has ever bought is a Coach. (I love Coach too) She wouldn't spend her money on LV's like I do...and I don't think she likes them very much! Other than her, none of my friends are really into bags. It's why I love coming here!
  3. None of my friends carry expensive handbags...and a couple of them carry fakes. But my friend's and I love each other even if we don't agree on authentic vs counterfeit or expensive vs non-expensive. We know each other's stance and respectfully agree to disagree.
  4. No, my friends don't. One of my closest friends doesn't really know about my bag collection (we're both married, childhood friends, talk a lot but don't see each other too often). I know a while back we were talking about bags and her opinion was " I would never spend too much on a bag. I use it for the season, then at the end of the season just throw it out." She would think I'm nuts for s pending $500-2000 on a bag.
  5. Not many of my friends carry/buy designer bags. While I really love them, I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable going shopping with them with my LVs, because I see them constantly staring at my bag without saying anything.. (Not sure whether it's a good or bad thing!)
  6. None of my friends carry expensive purses. One of my best friends, in fact, only carries bags from walmart! She's a physician but thinks bags are a total waste of money. I once told her I got a bag from $700 down to $400 (of course I was excited!) and she told me "take it back right away!!" Luckily, my mother and sister love bags too, although not quite to the extent as me! Thank God for tPF!!
  7. Just one of my girlfriends does. The rest think we are crazy to spend so much on handbags.
  8. None of my friends carry expensive purses, either. Of course, I didn't used to be nearly so obsessed with them...until I joined this forum. ;) But I don't mind, so what if I'm carrying a $500 bag and they are carrying a $50 one? We are each adults and can choose to spend our money how we please.
  9. Its fine with close friends. Meeting new ones and for them to have an opinion of you before they know you is the hard part. I mean, who isnt guilty of making first impression judgements??
  10. no....mine don't even really know what they are.
  11. nope! that is why we need tPF. people who share or sickness!
  12. Nope, none of my friends carry expensive bags...just knock-offs.
  13. None of my friends carry expensive bags and they do not understand why the hell I'm willing to spend my money on some luxury items that I love. Which is why I join TPF! I'm allowed to share my obssessions with fellow tpf members! Only tpf members understand what I'm talking about.
  14. My friends think I'm nuts... and that's why I'm here with fellow addicts :biggrin:

    Most of them only have one or two that serve multiple purposes for them. Logically I get this... and kind of wish I felt the same way (think of all the $$ that would be saved!)... but my heart just can't understand why they don't share the love!
  15. Nope, none of the friends I see often wear designer (or can even tell the difference). One of my friends from out of town wears a Muse bag, but that is only because she got an insider deal and it was $600. She only wears that one though and is not out shopping for more.

    I would say I am alone in the addiction. :nuts: