Do your friends think you are crazy?!?!

  1. So I just had a Halloween party over the weekend.

    One of my girlfriends was changing into her costume in my bedroom when she saw this row of neat Chloe bags all lined up on my dresser. She was like, "what's that?!?!". :nuts:

    I pulled down my paddy's, one by one. The more bags I opened, the more her eyes bulged. Another girlfriend walked into the room and was all, "OOOooo!!!".

    Finally, my friends asked, "how much?!?". :wtf:

    When I told them about $1500, they turned to each other and said, "for ALL of them, right?!?!!" :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    mmmm, yea, sure

    ... do your friends think you are nuts too???? :angel:
  2. That's a funny story! yeah, my friends think I'm crazy - but because of the lock - which makes my bag as heavy as an anvil!
  3. LMAO!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao: Well, most of my friends are not into designer bags... clothes yes, shoes yes, but bags no... So we have a lot in common, just not this. I do have one bag-obsessed friend who spends more at LV in a month than I do on all my bags... :lol:
  4. I practically had to duct tape (hee hee) my girlfriend's lips shut to keep her from broadcasting my habit to the entire party!! :Push:

    Jbelle, I hear ya' on the ANVIL!! Every time I toss my tote into my little convertible she practically knocks the passenger window out!!
  5. well, most of my friends know i've this obsession about handbags, but when they ask, i mostly keep the price to myself, it's kinda hard for me to spill that out~~~
  6. dear ladies:
    i can totally relate to your feelings... most of my friends only knows about lv, chanel, gucci, or prada...
    they have not heard about chloe and may not appreciate its beauty...
    if i tell them how much each is retail for, they will think i am a nut who wasted my $...
    this is why i love my new friends (you all) at pf who can really 'connect' with my new passion!
  7. morgann,
    my bestfriend thinks im nuts! also my co workers, they think its a waste of money. except my cousin, she spend more on bags than me. so your not the only one!
  8. dear lynnix:
    only the friends at pf think the same and like the same. are we shopperholic?
  9. ^lol - in short, yes!!:nuts:

    My older sister laughs at the bags i have, i only just managed to persuade her to pay £60 for a bag for her birthday, so i don't think she'll ever join me with my little 'obsession':graucho:
    Though she has asked for a Radley bag for Xmas, so it's a step in the obsession direction...;)

    As for my friends, i don't think they are any the wiser!:smile:
  10. None of my friends are intersted in designer bags (as well as clothes and shoes). Most of them say"who are those idiots who pay 1000$ per bag?" when we go past some designer's store. My BF clearly thinks I'm not normal even to talk about bags like that. Even my mom says "why you need a new bag, you already have 2?". Pluss all of them call me too materialistic and crazy about clothing etc. No one here to support me!
    Now I see I'm not the only one in such a position, actually! What a relief!
  11. To answer your question...YES!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only have 1 friend who doesn't think I'm nuts...and that's fellow PFer jadecee...thank goodness I'm not alone!
  12. Yes - everyone thinks I'm crazy except my mom, she's just as obsessed with designer bags as I am - I think it goes in the family..!! :lol:
    Honestly my friends arent familiar with chloe, I guess they havent ever even heard of it so they dont realize my bags are expensive... But once my old dear friend noticed I was babying my taupe paddy so she forced me to tell it's price - I think she looked like this -> :shocked: :shocked: after I told her, and I was like:shame: :shame: Next time I'm seeing her I must tote same taupe paddy, I dont want her know I have more of them....
  13. ....Just wanted to add I'm so lucky to finally have friends who understand me and my obsession, I dont know what would I do without all of you..!! :heart:
  14. Yes to everything - i love designer bags, clothes, and shoes.. First it was more clothes and shoes.... but then this year after i became a member of tPF, it's all about bags :shame:

    I'm totally obsessed.... :wacko:
  15. all of my friends and family think i am crazy! i don't even like showing them my new things because i know they will ask how much it costs and i'll either have to lie or tell the truth and deal with their criticism. they just don't get it!