Do your friends take advantage??

  1. Well this happened tonight when we went to the theater. My friend Lauren drove us in her car, so when we got to the theater she told me to get off and buy the tickets while she parked. I was like ok... so they expected me to buy tickets for all 5 of us. This always happens to me, whenever we go out somewhere they always expect for me to pick up the bill. So when they finally caught up to me they asked for the tickets and I bluntly told them I wasnt going to pay for everyone and it brought on a sour mood throughout the night. So thr question is: Was it the right thing for me to do?:hysteric:
  2. Your 5 friends always expect you to pay for their tickets? :wtf: That's just wrong! You did the right thing. They should pay their shares. Sometimes I'll treat my friends out for the night but then they'll always treat me back at another time so it always cut even eventually.
  3. I had what I like to call a "user" friend. She used to make me come pick her up everytime we went out. Then when I asked her to go somewhere with me, she wouldn't want to go, but always expected me to be at her beck and call. I cut her off maybe 6 months ago. I was her friend for 2 years, but I felt awful being around her. She just expected so much of me.
  4. That used to happened to me all the time with one friend, when we would go to lunch, dinner, concerts, even shopping (oops I forgot my wallet) The last straw was concert tickets for "Alejandro Sanz" her favorite singer, we had both agreed to get together that day they were going on sale and going together to buy the seats next to each other. She leaves me an e-mail the day before saying "can't make it go ahead and buy them" I replied that if she wasn't able to go then to forget it. So months later the day of the concert she calls to say "where are we meeting" she didn't like it that I didn't get them and that she didn't get to go. After that I didn't want to deal with her anymore.
  5. Tonight it was all 5 of them but it's usually 2 or 3 that ALWAYS expect me to pay for them. If we go shopping, eat out, or anything we do they always want me to pay. They act dumb and say they forgot their money. I think it might be because I have a credit card, they cant get it through there head that im not financially responsible for them.:censor:
  6. oh my, that's not very polite at all! I'm a college student and even my friends wouldn't do such a thing. Usually when we go out, it's expected we just share the bill. Or like, if one of us drives to the beach ( gas is killer!) the other one pays for parking.

    Or like, when alcohol consumption is concerned we usually just buy whatever and we know it will all even out in the wash ( one person pays more one time, but the next time the other person brings a bottle and mixers.)

    Still, you did the right thing-- it is not ncie for your friends to take advantage of your genorosity. There is a difference between taking out the girls, and the girls having you take them out.
  7. yes. definately the right thing to do.

    it's one thing if you offer to pay for the tickets. it's quite another when they expect it. i'm one of those people who will almost always pay, but if you expect it b/c i've paid in the past.....:rant:

    good for you standing up for yourself! i didn't learn to do that until college. it is such an amazing life skill. seriously. :flowers: to you. do not feel any guilt over this. you did exactly what they deserved. :yes:
  8. Of my friends, I'm probably the most well-off and sometimes get the feeling that I'm expected to pay more than others- and it sucks. You did the right thing!
  9. Your friends cannot expect you to pay for them all the time. Maybe a one off shout on a special occassion but that's plain rude to put you in such a bad situation. You definately did the right thing by standing up for yourself, let's just hope they don't try it again!
  10. They really have some nerve to expect you to pay for them. What have they done for you lately? I can't believe that anyone would actually do this to a friend. You definitely did the right thing. Don't beat yourself up or feel guilty for doing what was right.
  11. Cindy ~ That Wasn't Right....I'm Glad You Said Something.
  12. My friends and I have done this, but we always pay each other back. It's just more convenient to have 1 person pay for everything first than to wait for like 5 separate transactions. I thought maybe that's what your friends were trying to do, but I guess not. You should not have to pay for your friends' meals/tickets unless you want to! :yucky: Don't let them make you feel bad for refusing to pay for them.
  13. Absolutely it was the right thing for you to do. Do they at least pay you back?!

    Hah, I wouldn't have even put up with it the first time they did it. I don't really like to pay for my friends' things. This may sound harsh or rude, but if my friends don't have the money to go out and do what was planned - then they need to say so so we can do something that ALL of us can afford.
  14. I agree - absolutely the right thing to do. You may be the only one with a credit card but you still have to pay it back!! Maybe they don't understand its not free money?? If you let these things go on they only get worse and worse....

    If they are any sort of friends they will hopefully realise they were in the wrong and offer to splash the cash occasionally!:flowers:
  15. When I was younger and single we used to go out a lot. I had one girlfriend who always expected me to pay for drinks and pick up the check since I was making more money at the time. I really didn't mind that much.
    Then..she started wanting to borrow clothes. She wouldn't just borrow them, she would never give them back. That is when I stopped letting her "borrow" things. I would just make an excuse, like oh I can't I have to use that tomorrow. She never stopped being my friend. I would just think a while and come up with a good excuse. Either way I don't think people like this are ever going to be BFF's.