Do your friends share your love of H?

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  1. So, my recent obsession with H bags started about a year ago. Before, I had mostly chanel, lv and marc jacobs. I really love the workmanship of hermes bags, and the fact that it's more subtle than most chanel and def LV. So besides my DH and this forum, I can't really talk to any of my friends about H cause they would think I'm absolutely CRAZY for spending so much on bags. Most of them think Coach is really nice and expensive. I'm wondering if the other members here are in the same boat? Are we insane to be spending so much on H :smile:
  2. Oh and I acutally have a story to share along these lines. I carried my birkin to work one day and our receptionist goes "oh, where did you get that? That's a really expensive bag!" right when my boss happened to be walking by so then my boss stops and looks at the bag and he says really how much is it like 500 bucks, and i didn't comment and then he went 1k and i didn't comment and when he got up to 5k i said something like that and his eyes got really wide. He defintely that's I'm nuts, even though I tried to explain they really hold their value.
  3. None of my friends share the love, unfortunately. Out of my friends, I am the only person who owns anything Hermes. My mom only knows about my Birkin and my SLGs. My grandmother has seen the bags but has no idea what Hermes even is so she just looks at them as gorgeous bags! I use this forum to express my love for Hermes and to reveal all my new goodies!!!
  4. Tell me about it .. and that's what tpf is for ... nuts people like us :nuts:
  5. Not really outside tpf but they admire and give compliments and they are happy if a lttle bit of H makes me H-appy.

    I value my H friends on tpf because they can 'understand' as well as ooh and ahh.
  6. (If I had) I would never carry a Birkin or a Kelly to work because I don't want them to think they should freeze my wages :P
  7. Since I work at a non-profit organization, there's just no way I can show my love of H without alarming the masses. Only under-the-radar bags will do :rolleyes:

    I wore a Fendi Spy the other day and people fell all over themselves...
  8. wow if people don't bring h bags to work then that means you only use them on weekends?
  9. I bring mine to work. The quality of my work shouldn't be judged and appraised based upon the bags I carry. Plus, my boss and many of the people I work with would have no clue what Hermes is or what the bags cost. Even those with a slight knowledge of Hermes wouldn't realize that some of them are H at all!!!
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    oh no no no.. I'm already worrying how would I explain my friend that I need to go to Hermes shop and.. well.. buy a bag from there. so far, my best way to break it to her is saying "whatever happens in that shop you keep quiet and don't say anything about the prices."
    Or then I would go alone.. :thinking: but then it wouldn't be so nice to be alone first time in paris.
    Or maybe I'll ask someone here to join me :lol: I don't think my friend would notice that I carry a hermes bag if I didn't told her.
  11. I have one friend - sad, I know - but a best friend for 35 years, who thinks I am an idiot for spending that much money on a purse. She doesn't hesitate to say it either. But, sometimes, I notice that she mentions my bag to people who would know what it is, like it should carry some kind of cache that would rub off on her. Like, "you should let us in this fancy restaurant, we can afford it, look at her birkin.", that kind of thing. Sometimes it makes me embarrassed but I have to giggle a little.
  12. Only two of my friends have heard of Hermes. Neither of them share my love of the brand. Most of my friends and family members would think I was insane if they knew about my shopping habbits. The only person I really talk to about H is my DH. While he isn't completely gung-ho about my H addiction, he doesn't complain about it either which I really appreciate!
  13. :lol: I'm laughing - but I would prob die if a friend said that, she sounds like my auntie.
  14. Two of my friends were visiting Paris and I sent them to FSH to pick up a scarf for me. They were treated royally, and thoroughly enjoyed spending my money there, but they were goggle-eyed at the price of everything. They told our other friends about their little shopping adventure, and now everyone looks at me like I am crazy when I wear that particular scarf!

    They better not find out how many orange boxes I've got in my closet. :graucho:
  15. My future husband gave me a belt (blue jean and black, matte gold H buckle) and it's a permanent classic. I picked up another belt in limited edition colors (a beautiful blue gray reversing to a warm tan) to go with the buckle at the sample sale (too bad; they had "other" bags there for $2000, but not Kelly or B bags). Saving for a down payment, but once my book takes off or my salary gets a bump, totally about the B...gorgeous.