Do your friends ever offer to buy your bags?...

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  1. I went to my bank today and the Bank Manager (whom I have had a business relationship with for about 25 yrs, so we have become somewhat chummy) say to me "You must have heard me calling because I need your help!"
    "It's my daughter's birthday on Monday and I want to get her bag, I need your help! Will you sell me one from your collection?" I asked if she had a particular one in mind and she did so I gave a price and she bought it! I went home got the bag, brought it back and she deposited the cash into my bank account! I had carried the bag once to the bank and mentioned that I had just purchased it and wasn't crazy about it... She always coments on my bags when I'm in the bank, so she notices all my bags. It still feels a bit bizarre... but I'm glad to have it out of my closet! Got a great price too! :tup:

    Last week at dinner with a very close friend, when I pulled out my wallet to pay for dinner, my friend said I must sell her my wallet, she loved it!

    Does this happen to you?

    I'm flattered but still feels a bit strange.:wlae:
  2. What a compliment! I would be thrilled! You got your asking price for a bag that you didn't want, I wish I could be so lucky...
  3. Nope! No one has ever offered to buy one of my bags, but I did trade a purple coach once that was too small for me with a friend for a black coach that was more the size I prefer.
  4. Lucky you! It's happened to me twice, neither with happy endings. The first person was a coworker, and wanted me to put my stuff in a plastic bag and sell my Gucci to her right there. I did...and her friggin' check bounced! I accepted a check because I figured no one would bounce a check on a person they see daily. Guess I was wrong, although I finally got the funds weeks later and her check caused 3 payments to bounce and she refused to pay the NSF charges. The second person wanted a "buddy hookup" since we were very close friends and only wanted to pay $100 for a three piece mint condition Gucci luggage set. WTF?!? So I'm glad it worked out well for you!
  5. no, my friends just want to borrow my bags
  6. ^ same as above borrow, not buy
  7. Wow, no.

    They can't even buy their own bags. We're all broke students. I'm just the one milking my bank account for what it's got.
  8. How nice of your friends!
    My friends compliment mine but they don't want to buy them from me.
  9. Totally, I have sold a few of my bags to girlfriends. I sold my piano, mezzo and a keepall to a girlfriend. Purchased new items with the money.
  10. That is cool that you sold it for the amount that you asked for. This has never happened to me but I would welcome it if it did.
  11. All the time! I have sold nearly as many bags to friends and coworkers as I have on eBay. They get a little PO'd now if I don't give them first chance before they go to that great auction in the sky. I always let them have the bags for what I would have started the auction at, i.e. the minimum I'd be willing to take. Saves me time and money, saves them shipping, everybody wins! I've never had any problem with my Purse Girls and I love seeing my bags on them. I've gotten pretty good at knowing who will want which bag's kind of like matchmaking without the messy breakups.:yes:
  12. Yes, but they always want me to basically give it away to them.

    They always want me to bring my eBay stuff in before I post it but the one time I did they wanted to give me like $50-100 for a bag worth about $800.:tdown:
  13. Yes, one of my friends is dying to buy my MJ Blake in Rose Quartz. She says that if I ever decide to sell it, she will buy it. I'm not letting go of that one yet, but I did sell her one of my LVs.
  14. No, but I have offered to sell. And I give really good prices, so both friends were very pleased.
  15. I have a few friends who want my bags, but never offered to buy from me.