do your feet hurt when wearing heels??

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  1. i read about those in my daily candy e-mail and they sound perfect for me.....going to buy a bunch and stick them in all my shoes :P
  2. Read it also @ Daily Candy :biggrin: but never tried... my feet do hurt when wearing heels more than a couple of hours...
    Let us know if it really works!!!
  3. Yes! That's why I've only purchased flats over the last few years. But, those inserts look pretty handy.
  4. I find mine hurt only at the begining of a season( just took out the pumps) or when getting new shoes.

    I find that i have to re-break in my pumps come spring, they just fit differently then my boots i guess.

    I'm going to check this site out though. Seems like something that might work well for those shopping days :smile:

  5. Has anyone tried these insert? Do they work?
  6. i have really high arches, so heels are killer. i migh have to give those a shot, though.
  7. how're these different from the dr. scholls insoles?
  8. I've tried other inserts. The problem is that they don't work with certain styles of heels and also they make the shoe smaller and tighter.
  9. I have this gel like "party feet and they are great I spent a whole wedding party (11h) on 10cm Stilettos without my feed hurting. But I don't need them at all with my manolos
  10. I use party feet too. They make such a difference.
  11. When I first read this thread...I was going to purchase the Insolia product..but I decided to try the Scholl's Party Feet first and see how those turn out..
  12. I have those flower petal ones but haven't used them.
  13. ^^^ The flower petal ones are great for heels. I love them.
  14. :amazed: wow, I'm getting some asap!!! Never tried because I thought they were not so great... Thanks for the tip!!! :biggrin: