Do your fav brands do enough to woo their current customers?

  1. I know that some brands have really limited or even awful websites (Hermes for the former, Bally for the latter), but when it comes to sale announcements, catalog availability, mailings, associate support/calls...etc., are they doing enough to encourage current customers to spend more of their disposable income with their particular company?

    I spent $300 on a wallet at Bally, and I've never heard from them. A sales associate was supposed to be looking for a bag, and he never even called to say it was unavailable.

    I spent $990 on my LV Babylone tote, and I got ONE catalog. Nothing else.

    Hermes, my all-time favorite, has gotten THOUSANDS of my dollars in the last two years, and they won't even send a scarf brochure unless I specifically ask--and a lot of that money went on scarves from the store AND the website. If I'm lucky, I'll find one on the counter. The one associate I go to in Atlanta is great, and she'll go the extra mile, but I'm not overly impressed with the parent company's actions, or the lack of merchandise options on the website. Back in the early 90s, I spent $175 on a silver keyring, and I got catalogs and other mailings for YEARS. Do they really want my money?

    I bought a Fiera hobo at Ferragamo 1 1/2 years ago, and I still get the sales announcements. When I e-mailed the Atlanta store recently, I never got a reply. Needless to say, I looked elsewhere, and I got something that was even better for less. Good luck in this case.

    I'm really interested in hearing which companies are doing their part and those that are slacking off.

  2. Interesting thread! I've bought directly from the boutiques (not dept stores) at YSL, MJ, Gucci, and LV and have never received anything more than a follow-up thank you note.
  3. I had to laugh reading about Bally, sooo not true:nogood:. I am in Europe, though.
  4. Funny you mentioned that, I never thought about it before. But yes, I never got anything (catalogues, etc) other than from LV that sends me generic offer emails occasionally, when they have something new comes out.

    I call it funny because even when you purchase a bra from VS (online), suddenly you got bombarded by their catalogues in the mail.
  5. Since I ordered from Dooney and Bourke I get updates when their website adds anything new.
  6. I know this may sound a litlle backwards, but have you sent your SA's thank you notes or small appreciation gifts? I find to be more memorable that way. When you show more gratitude to your SA for finding you that "had to have item", they tend to be more likely to notify you of new items & future sales.

    I also (unfortunatly) :s tend to think that its not the company/designer that send any kind of anything out. Its more the SA's "sales" job to keep there customers coming back to them.

    And to answer your question NO! I don't think that balenciaga, chanel & dior woo me, anywhere near enough!!!:nuts: (with anything other than there great bags!) Which I guess they feel speek for themselves! They must put all of there advertising $$ into Vogue & elle!

    I do get all of the generic LV emails..... better than nothing! :girlsigh:
  7. Are the SA's allowed to accept gifts from the customer? I've always thought that might be inappropriate. IMO a handwritten thank you note may go a long way.
  8. ^ I agree with the thank you notes...... but I once included a $10 starbucks card...... is that bad?
  9. I just read a great article on this type of topic yesterday in the March 08 Elle mag. Its titled, Shop Fever on page 426! It starts out saying, Make the salesgirl your BFF! It also reads, the best salespeople get gifts, even just a thank you note!
  10. I think a Starbucks card is ok, but if it would be something expensive I'd think twice. That's a good article, I may pick Elle up when I go to the store :smile:
  11. Good point... It's like tipping your SA!
  12. I have written a thank you note to a SA. They tracked down a bag for me and I just felt that he needed to be thanked for doing it!

    I always get thank you notes from Coach. Funny that LV I thought would do the same.
  13. I have written a (few) thank you notes to my regular SA at Chanel. I know that she is doing her job, however, I appreciate the time she spends with me even when I don't spend money.

    I actually do get things from Chanel which is the main one that I care about. All of the catalogs and such though, have my SA's writing on them so I think that it is b/c of her that I get them, not b/c of the company. I am actually okay with that. I really have built the relationship with her, not other people so I actually kind of prefer it this way.
  14. I've written plenty of notes to stores regarding their sales associates. When I worked high-end retail, we were given an expensive bouquet of flowers whenever a positive comment was sent in, and it was kept in our permanant file.

    The weird thing was that the most unscrupulous associate was the one that always got the highest scores from the private shoppers, and he ended up with one $500 gift certificate after another.

  15. Me too! I love that my chanel SA will spend so much time with me, even on days that I'm not purchasing!!!