Do Your BE Bags get noticed?

  1. Hello all you Belen Echandia Fans out there...I'm often does someone notice your BE bag? What do they notice about it? Colour? Style? Workmanship? I'd love to know if people can pick up quality like this at a glance...I got my new Love Me this week in pewter crash and it's already gotten a ton of attention mostly from people who know it's new but also from some who didn't. They love the colour!
  2. My White CLUTCH ME definitely gets noticed -- for its shape and its beautiful stitching. Also, people love the fuschia lining and are always surprised by it. My Matte Chocolate STROKE ME gets looks...and people just don't know what they are looking at, just that it is extremely POSH. I was in Louis Vuitton in Cancun, looking at a little messenger bag, and put my STROKE ME down on the counter and it looked sooo gorgeous, I couldn't take my eyes off my own bag! I think people just don't know what to make of this quality when they see it. And all the BE bags say QUALITY and BEAUTIFUL WORKMANSHIP from a distance.
  3. My Love Me in pewter crash also gets a lot of looks and compliments (often from women with pretty nice bags themselves). It's a gorgeous, standout bag, hard to ignore! ;)
  4. I never had so many compliments on any other bag even from people who aren't into bags themselves. All my collueges (just 4 women) signed up to be informed about the sale so that they can buy one.
  5. I love the styles. Did I read sale somewhere? Can someone tell me more about it. Thanks
  6. Jackie has had two sales a year. They are called "3-day" sales -- I think in January and June. You must buy in those three days. You email her what you want, and she tells you if she has it in the color(s) you want. It is 30% off. This is a sale to clean out her inventory, so you have to act fast if you want your color. When you buy on sale, you pay the shipping. When you buy at regular price, she pays the shipping.
  7. My Love Me in crash pewter gets noticed all the time, not just for the color but for the style! I adore that bag!
  8. well you and I are in the same camp - I adore my new crash pewter too! Here's my modelling picture!

  9. I have had so many compliments on my petrol Take Me Anywhere as well as my wine Stroke Me-they are HOT bags!:yahoo:
  10. That bag looks beautiful on you. It's the perfect size and style isn't it? And so well organized! I think we made a great choice!
  11. We sure did!

  12. They are indeed "hot" bags. In fact pictures of your hot bags lead me to purchase one of my own! I just adore your wine "Stroke Me!"
  13. Where do you sign up to hear about the sales? I didn't see where to sign up for a mailing list on the web site. :confused1:
  14. I found it. Guess I just didn't see it the first time through.
  15. WOW. This is my first time actually looking at these bags. They have some nice designs. I will say that the Hold Me looks like the Hermes Picotin. But the styles are nice and sleek.

    I have never actually seen anyone around my area with these bags.