Do your Balenciaga bags RUIN other bags for you?

  1. So all i've carried this year is my black City, my Rouge Vif City, and my 2002 Flat Brass First in black.

    Although I love the strap on all of these bags (especially the long strap on the flat brass first!) - I felt like I need a couple "shoulder bags. So I purchase two from anthropologie. They're okay, but i'm not being blown away. Now i'm thinking i'll return them (because that's $400.00 that could go to another bbag or at least bag that I love).

    Am I sick? I seem to only be content with my b-bags. I'm trying to find something I like in a lower price point, but so far no luck.

    I've tried to fall in love with Edith (soooo heavy), Muse, botkier, kooba, and anna corinna - but so far nothing has "stuck".

    Humm, maybe I should try the bottega next?:wlae:
  2. i'm the same way!!! all i ever use are my b bags. the other ones i have i still really like (novak, BH, gucci) however i find b bags the most functional of them. the only gripe i really have is that the strap that comes with them slide off my shoulders usually because it's just so smooth, there's no friction on fabric. unless it's leather on leather.

    the best think i like about b bags is how light they are!

    but i still like chanel. i have yet to get a BV but they really are scrumptious. one day.
  3. Pretty much. All of the others seem so heavy. I use them to go out but for everyday use, I can't seem to leave my Bbags alone. Definately my favorite bags, hands down! The only other 2 that I really love... LV Trinana Damier, yes it's heavy but so pretty and so many compartments. I always take it when I travel. The other is my tobacco color Prada pushlock with silver hardware. It's light as a feather and my fiance picked it out. :love:
  4. go for the bv - I think it is the closest to bbags - great leather, great colors (also very expensive :shrugs: )
  5. Once youve driven a BMW why buy a , gulp, Ford?
  6. I know exactly what you mean. I still love my Paddy but not as much as my Bbags. I just bought a BV and they're even better than bbags: very light and fantastic soft and slouchy leather. I'm blown away by this bag!
  7. What is BV?
  8. ^Bottega Veneta.

    The ONLY bag that compares to Bal, IMO, is the Bottega woven hobo. Almost nothing matches Balenciaga's quality, timelessness, and versatility while maintaining a low-profile but still sophisticated appeal.
  9. I have the ball bag and it slouches so nicely and the leather feels like butter. I couldn't believe it but when you touch a BV ball or woven and then a Bbag the bbag feels much "stiffer". I'm sure that if you love Bbags you love the BV woven and Ball as well. IMO they're similar in style even they look totally different KWIM?
  10. I think my next fling will be a bv; but I do think the styling is a little old fashioned - they have been improving over the last few years though.
  11. hmmm, now I want to see a BV bag! Pictures?
  12. i'm totally with you!!!
    i had a BV bag that i loved so much, but now i don't even use it anymore...
  13. I would love to see one too!
  14. My mom has this, it is not that exciting:

    Bottega Veneta - Large Woven Hobo -

    but the quality of leather is GREAT. I always stroke it in the car :smile:

    she has another one which is way cuter, but it isn't online... it is GORGEOUS, chocolate brown leather with a thick braided strap
  15. I love my Bbags but that doesn't stop me from using any of my other non-balenciaga bags. I only use my BBags as daytime jeansy bags.

    Oh Donna. Here is a pic of my BV's (from my Bag showcase thread). They are really nice classic & well made bags (leather is like buttah):