Do your bags have names?

  1. Confession: Several of mine do!

    My white leather Hamptons lunch tote is Bianca. She and I have a very special relationship. She's my reliable, go-to bag that works with almost any outfit, and she was with me through my grandfather's death and subsequent funeral planning. I count on her a lot.

    My natural slim tote is Celeste. She hasn't been able to get out much because it started raining the week after I got her, and hasn't stopped since. I keep explaining to her that I don't want her gorgeous vintage leather to get all spotty, but she continues to gaze reproachfully at me from her spot on my closet shelf. Krush the tortoise keyfob is attached to her handle to keep her company, but I think they're plotting a coup.

    My citron/natural slim tote is Fiona. She got compliments from the SAs at the boutique when I went to pick up her sister Celeste. They said that they think she's the only one like her in the whole metropolitan area!

    And my red patent hobo is Lola. She just came home yesterday, and she's already queening it over all the other bags. That girl has a STRONG personality!

    Tell me I'm not the only obsessed dork out there naming her bags!! :rolleyes:
  2. haven't named any of my bags yet, but I don't know why now that you bring it up :smile:
  3. Hee hee hee, that's hilarious. Ummm, yes, although I'm embarassed to admit it. But most of my bags just go by their style names, "Mandy", "Ali", etc. My BFF and officemate Parus (who's out of town for the summer and hasn't been on TPF much lately) has a Penelope and so Pene and Mandy like to hang out together in our office while we're working. They keep each other company, gossiping and drinking coffee together while Parus and I are hard at work :p.

    (By the way, Lola is a very fitting name for the red patent hobo!)
  4. I too just keep the names my bags come with....Carly and Ergo are my only babies as of now. Then of course I have Mr. Turtle who is chillen with my car keys. Who knows what the next bag I get will be and maybe I'll name her!!
  5. :lol:
  6. You're not the only one! I haven't yet, but I'm the type who names her car (Lucy...she's red, very original, I know). I've just reached a satisfaction level with my bag collection so now that I'm no longer in "acquisition" mode, I think I'll be getting more personal with my bags and I can imagine myself naming at least my few close personal favorites...if not more:yes:
  7. LOL!! My car's name is Fluffy. :yes:
  8. My car's name is Bessie

    ...But my cousin insists on calling her Ethel
  9. I dont right now but I think it is so cute I may have to name them.

  10. I had a Bessie, too! :tup:

    (PS Lucy wants to know how Fred's doing):graucho:

  11. Ethel kicked him to the curb a long time ago so that she could elope with her cabana boy Rico!! :graucho:

  12. LOL, smart girl!:tup:
  13. Haven't we ALL had a bessey? LMAO

    I certainly did!! She was my first car, a real beater, but she ran like a champ!
  14. LOL! My bags just go by style names like Ali etc. My dh thinks I'm goofy enough already! And my truck is Eddie!

  15. Heh...I didn't say my SO knows that I name my bags...he doesn't! :nogood:

    I think part of it with me is that I don't really have any of the bags that are "named." I don't have an Ali or a Mandy or a Penelope or a Carly. So I had to make up my own names for my girls!