do your accessories have to be perfect?

  1. hey gals!

    i was just wondering, whenever you buy your handbags, do you have to have the matching wallet, and the matching shoe?

    or do you go way to the extreme like me and get a matching pen ,agenda and belt?

    im afraid that im becoming a freak!:nuts:

    this addictions to designer brands are driving me crazy!:wtf:


    if you gals do havew matching sets, please post pics!
  2. matching shoe!!!
  3. No....I don't have to have matching anything. I love all my leather pieces individually......
  4. I am a bit of a matching freak I have to admit :smile:
  5. Iam such a matching freak, so I always buy them together if all matching pieces are not available I dont buy them at all. Iam not into shoes but handbag, wallet and key has to match!. I have a handbag addiction, I need HELP!
  6. I don't really like matching sets. I'd rather that they NOT match.
  7. I usually buy purse, matching wallet and sometimes jewerly or scarf - I'm unlucky (or $$ lucky) in the sense that the high end stores here don't carry clothing or I would probably get that too. I love sets.
  8. i hate being matchy matchy.[/COLOR]
  9. No matchy matchy here. I rather like the individuality of different things.
  10. I did have a moment in a Coach store where I really thought that my scribble keychain wallet needed a scarf, but I talked myself out of it. Otherwise, no matching.
  11. No matching for me. I figure the bag is what will show off my style (I hope;) ) and spending the additional amount of $$$ on the matching wallet will keep me from buying another bag. Plus, I don't have enough time to keep moving my junk in and out of various wallets. It's hard enough with just the bags.:shrugs:
  12. On me, matchy matchy is way too stiff and forced. I love mixing it up because it takes a lot more effort and really is ME, a unique statement.
  13. Yes, Individually perfect.
  14. I don't really like matching things too much?
  15. I'm a wayyy matching freak. Which most people thing is a bad thing since LV multicolore is my passion. I have the belt, shoes, bag and all my stuff inside my bag must be matching multicolore too.
    My newest denim bag is the only thing I've mixed prints so far.

    I do the same thing with Juicy Couture tho too. I don't buy the bag if I can't get at least a matching key chain purse and matching wallet. Usually I like shoes to match too and I try to find a similar belt. It becomes an obsession with me! lol

    When I travel, all my luggage has to match my purse and outfit. I think I have a problem. :shrugs: :graucho: :yes: