do you...

  1. regarding limited edition u use them on a daily basis? or..once a week? or never? or..bought for admiration purposes only?

    i just got a CB wondering...the past 2 weekends i took my belem out (it is so cute swinging by my side) but i was wondering..does it look too flashy?

    though the CB pap was an impulse buy..i'd really like to use it..
  2. Use it! I can't see myself buying something just to add into the collection to admire.
  3. ahh I wish I had a cb pap. I'd use it but maybe not ALL the time on a regular basis. Maybe once or twice a week or if you're going out.
  4. I use mine on special occassions not everyday.:flowers:
  5. Use them!!! I love and suede onatah and use it often... there are marks on it which of course, adds character to the bag... :smile:
  6. Good question! :yes: I don't have any LE bags, but some discontinued styles.
    I want to use them, but I also worry. I guess to each their own.:shrugs:
    Depending on how hard you are on your bags, and whether you bought it to collect only, or bc you loved it and wanted to show her off!
    If you love her and I think you do bc she is lovely, you should use her and be happy!:love:
  7. i use my special bags just as often as i use my "regular" LV. so go use your CB... that's the best way of giving it some lovin' ;)
  8. I use them all pretty regularly except maybe my repi cannes and suade onatah pm, but thats got more to do with the make of the bag then the bag itself. The cannes is a pain to get into so it's not very practical for everyday use and the suade, well it rains every other day in Iceland, so she gets to sit on the shelf more then she should.
  9. I use my perfo cles everyday:yes:
  10. I don't really use them .. I do like to 'view' them ..guess that is because I am anal:lol: I use my damier speedy more..I love that bag:love:
  11. I use them just as often as my regular bags!
  12. i bought my new damier speedy 25, (brand new from the store) and ive not used it yet.
    i bought the fendi baguette, burberry camilia club messenger, dior saddle, burberry tote (brand new from the store)...
    and all these, ive not used it yet!
    arghh. and im still buying and buying and buying.
  13. Use it, when ever the outfit or mood strikes!
  14. I use them a lot at first and them rotate them in with my other bags.
  15. ummm....whenever I feel like it? but to give you a more concrete answer, I guess I choose to use a LE bag 1 outta 3 times going out. I don't like to use time-periods as comparison cuz it's all relative, some people go out everyday, others go out once in a month...etc.