Do you...

  1. spoile your children? if so, with what?

    I try to give everything to my 5 yr old daughter - even though I know I should not because she just does not deserve it, but I lover her and I want her to be happy!!!
  2. i hope i don't lol #1 is still inside me :p. seriously if i start spoiling them since young i'm real scare of having a grown up spoile kid eventually who can't think for themselves/ support themselves.

    just a question why do u think she does not deserve it? i think it's nature we want to pamper our kids :smile:.
  3. I wouldnt say my son is spoiled, he doesn't get everything he asks for, but then again he doesnt really know how great he has it. I do spoil him with love though, I see nothing wrong with covering him with hugs, kisses, letting him sleep in my room on the weekends, telling him I love him 100's of times aday - he has turned into such a loving child, and if and when I get pg with #2, I will spoil them with love as well!
  4. No, I truly try not to. Spoiled kids will usually never learn to appreciate things and that could create a monter imo...
  5. James Dobson's book, Dare to Discipline, gives terrific tips on how to avoid spoiling your child. I read it before DD even arrived and love his ideas.