Do you zip your bag ? Zipped v Un-Zipped

  1. I was curious if you all zip your bag closed when you are using it or just leave it open? :shrugs:

    I never zip the main compartment. And half the time zip the front pocket - cell phone is in the front pocket.
  2. I generally use the twiggy style, and I never zip the top shut. The front zipper though is always closed.
  3. I zip the first but not the city, too long :smile:
  4. I zip my First and Purse from time to time, and the City never because, like South-of-France said, it's way too long. My front pocket is always closed though.:yes:
  5. I put my cell in the front pocket and rarely zip the main compartment.
  6. Yes, I zip it all the time. I am pretty paranoid about being a victim of pickpockets and I always am conscious about keeping my things safe.
  7. I never zip mine up!
  8. I zip mine if I am using the shoulder strap and have it on my shoulder. If I am using the handels on my shoulder, or on the crook of my arm, I leave it unzipped.
  9. I leave mine unzipped always, with the zipper ends tucked in. Front pocket is always zipped.
  10. I´m a paranoid zipper as well:p
  11. I zip half way or all the time depends since i always like to take things out from the bag but the front is normally closed....whether is my first, twiggy or city. But for my work bag, it's normally zip all the time......:smile:
  12. I zip my first bags, but generally don't zip the cities.
  13. I actually like the look of my twiggy's unzipped, esp if there's alot in it, it just looks more unstructured looking...

    I've seen girls with the smaller front pocket unzipped too and that doesn't look too bad either sometimes. I recall a pic of Sarah JP carrying her calclaire twiggy and its unzipped at the front and it looks so cool/casual like that. I need to dig up the pic....
  14. I live in nyc. I definitely zip all zippers on my bag. I am not in the habit of giving away the contents of my bag to strangers with sticky fingers. :p

  15. Keep in mind I have only had my city a couple of days, but definately unzipped on top. Front pocket, zipped.