Do You Yell At The TV?

  1. My wife hates it that I yell at the TV.

    I do during the following programs:

    *LOST (some of the things the folks do on that show range from stupid to silly to awesome.....same goes for some of the events that occur)

    *24 (see above, + da Bauer)

    *Deal or No Deal (that show screams "interactive".....guessing which number the million dollars is behind is tons of fun)

    *Sporting events (especially during Chiefs game. If something goes wrong, I often swear at the TV, but if something goes right, I cheer like a crazy person).

    How many of you out there also yell at the TV?
  2. Only when the show is produced in a city that is so far from mine that the people on the screen will not hear me if I speak in a normal tone of voice.
  3. Yes...I usually do it during game shows :shame:
  4. You should see me when I watch football, basketball, or any form of entertaining sports on TV. I get into it and start shouting stuff like this:



  5. I'm usually making comments rather than yelling. Like "ooh - that's a good idea!" or "no! don't do that!" I'm usually talking to my DH about it anyway. I never shut up.
  6. Only during Football. It's rather ugly.
  7. I yell at "Lost" a lot too. That show is so damn frustrating sometimes. Dh thinks it's funny. He'll hear me from his office and be like "are you yelling at the tv again?" LOL.
  8. I've turned into my father - when President Bush comes on, I start screaming! Same with ultra-conservative talk show hosts. It's gotten so bad I've had to check myself and turn the darn thing off b/c even I annoy myself with it!
  9. Oh yes I yell at the TV all the time.

    I think the most stupid thing I do though is try to look around the edge of the screen - my husband finds that REALLY amusing!!

  10. lol. I tend yell whenever I see Sean Hannity speaking.

    But It's mostly reality shows for me-- right when they're plotting to vote off the wrong person.
  11. If I see something (or someone) I don't like I say "shut UP!" and change the channel.

    I also call Ethan and Theresa idiots when I watch Passions.

    I'll play along with game shows.
  12. Lately I find myself cringing more than yelling. Shows like Monique's Charm School and cruel judges make me a little ill. :throwup::throwup:
  13. During Football.....oh and Fox News. Luckily we're in the country with no close neighbors or someone would call 911.
  14. HAHA! meee toooo! i'm SO over the whole "i love you buy i can't be with you .. but let's be together .. not no wait .. we can't .. but i love you .. " :smile:

    definitely YELL @ baseball & football games! like top of my lungs .. haha! [ my little chihuahua doesn't like it .. haha! i scare her! :sad: ]

    big brother! -- when u see the houseguests in the confesional & they talk crap about people and then they go be nice to the person .. i'm always trying to tell the person "they don't like you! she's LYING!!" lol .. like they can hear me or something!

    i could think of quite a few others .. but i wont bore u! so to answer the question YES! i yell at the tv quite a bit :smile:
  15. I was watching Dr. Phil and it was the one with the overly obsessed husband.

    The wife describing what he did got more and more shocking that at one point I wanted her to reach over and just punch him or strangle him or something. (I'm pretty sure Dr. Phil wanted to do the exact same thing.)

    I kept yelling at her to punch him.