Do you worry about your clothes rubbing off on vachetta???

  1. I recently got a Tivoli GM and am worried that when I use it as a shoulder bag, my clothes might rub off on the vachetta strip (that runs along the top of the bag) or on the handles. Should I be concerned? All my LV's have been strictly handheld and this is my first shoulder bag.

    I've read in other posts that this happens sometimes with jeans, but I was just wondering if any of you have had any bad experiences with rub off on vachetta with just regular clothes.


  2. i've only had an incident with jeans. but as for regular tshirts and such, no transfers.
  3. Jeans are tricky as well as any new solid-coloured top.
  4. A little with my MC Alma rubbing against my jeans a couple of years ago. I just used a clean white eraser (NOT the magic eraser, but one that erases pencil markings) and gently erased the marks off my bag. It worked well.
  5. Yeah... I've only had the rubbing off experience with jeans on both my Abbesses and my Manhattan GM. I quickly ran home and cleaned them ASAP when it happened... now you can't even tell... THANK goodness!
  6. i never experienced color transfer w/ my petit noe. i carried that bag for years (now it's put away) and the patina never picked up dyes from my clothes.

    i wouldn't worry about it but still be careful.
  7. i not only worry, but ohhh boy... my jeans did it BAD to my speedys. =(
  8. Unfortunately this has happened to me. I have a Michael Kors down coat that rubbed off on my Neverfull. I was pretty perturbed to say the least. You would think a pricey designer like MK would have better quality control. I did manage to remove most of the color transfer with a clean white eraser.