Do you worry about second chance offers?

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  1. I just had a Prada Fairy wallet on ebay. I only offered to ship in the US and stated so in my listing. I couldn't believe how well the auction was going and it ended at $860. Unfortunately it was from someone in Canada! I called ebay and asked them what I could do and they said that I needed to contact the buyer. I contacted the buyer and told them that I didn't ship Internationally because I was using FedEx only for this particular wallet and they said that they never bid on the wallet! :wtf:

    So I contacted ebay again and they said that quite often, once the bidder realizes how much it will cost to ship, they claim that they never bid. Whatever!!! Long story, short we did a "mutually agree to not complete transaction" and I offered it to the next highest bidder (who was bidding throughout the entire auction) and they never responded. I have now offered it to the second next highest bidder and no response as of late.

    Do you think that they are worried that I am pulling some kind of scam by selling multiple items or something? I am so angry, that I could spit fire right now!! Now I worry that if I re-list this wallet (which is a highly limited edition and the only one on ebay at the time), people are going to think that I am a flake or scammer and not bid!!! What do you all think?? :sad:
  2. Oh, by the way, my feedback is 330 at 100% and I show all of my sold bags with my feedback. As a matter of fact, I just sold the Fairy Bag that matched this wallet and already received glowing feedback from the buyer. Do you think that will help me if I have to re-list or do most people (other than tPFers) check the items sold? :confused1:
  3. Im always concerned about 2nd offers. If I really want it Ill contact the seller/ask if they sent me a second chance offer and why/ because if they have a second it makes me wonder about the authenticity of the item. IF the buyer didnt go through with the sale them Im a little more comfortable with a second chance offer and more likely to go through with it. Good luck getting your wallet sold!
  4. Ps. Ive been dying to get the prada fairy bag. :crybaby:
  5. Well, it may be appearing on ebay soon!! :crybaby:
  6. I never except or acknowledge 2nd chance offers. I'd re-list it
  7. Well, looks like that is what I will have to do!! I am soooooo angry that the buyer bid on this wallet!!! I could have just sold it and had it shipped by now!! :cursing:
  8. I don't ship out of the US either but I actually did ship to Canada once via USPS. Everything went well but I know what you're going through. Once I sold a Helen Kaminski bag and I marked no bidders outside the US but someone someone in Tawain got through and won. I wrote and explained I didn't ship out of the US and offered it to the second highest bidder. Well would you know it, they accepted and they were from Tawaiin also. I cancelled that one too. The bag is still here.
  9. cant you block international bidders from your auctions or BIN?
  10. Well, after speaking with Ebay, I realized that I could. So, I just re-listed and used the "block from countries I don't sell to" option. It's still such a let-down after bidding was going so well. I worry that those same bidders will be hesitant to bid again!! :sweatdrop:
  11. Why dont you put in your auction "Relisted Due to Winning Bidders Location" or something just so people know it is the same wallet, and the reason for the relist. When I see the explanation in the listing and it already answers the questions im thinking before i start bidding, Im not reluctant to bid. Good luck with your auction.
  12. :tup::tup:
  13. I am so sorry to hear this happened to you, it is such a let down! I have gotten 2nd chance scam offers as well as legit ones, but I ignore all of them just to protect myself. I wish you tons of luck and hope that this auction goes even better! Hugs!