Do you worry about becoming too materialistic and bag-crazy?

  1. I do! :sad: I discovered the joy of luxury handbags pretty recently, (March 2006) and since then have purchased 6 designer bags, each averaging around $1200. That's over 7K worth of self-indulgent purchases in only 6 months!!! Prior to March, I was all about Nine West and Coach bags and I was totally fine with it. Now suddenly, I'm a total handbag ho!!! And the problem is, I feel horrible about it. I don't NEED these bags. But I REALLY want them. Fortunately my husband and I have been able to afford these bags without hurting our bank account too much, BUT if I continue at this pace, it could get out of control.

    I'm worried that this is taking up too much mindshare....I'm constantly thinking about bags! I'm still a good mom, I'm still doing well at work, and I think my overall life is still pretty rich and varied, but somehow I feel the need to remove myself from this obsession a bit and get some perspective. I don't NEED any more bags and I'm tired of feeling guilty for owning such extravagances!!!

    Does anyone else ever feel this way?
  2. all i can say is at least you know how to enjoy the good things in life, alot of people don't

    you appreciate beautiful things, to me, this is a gift

    you shouldn't feel guilty, enjoy your bags! wear them every day

    you're lucky you can afford them, I'm sure if you had to you, you could sell them for a good amount

    I'm obsessed with bags myself but they make me happy... esp when i think about the bad things in the world, thinking about bags always cheers me up
  3. I feel in the same boat as you, definitely spending much more than I need to on purses (and shoes). It's like an addiction for me, that sometimes I feel I can't control, I NEED that bag, it's ONLY $1000. I mentioned to a friend how much I spent on purses recently and he was telling me I could go around the world for that amount of money. Most people I know have a difficult time saving $1000, but I can blow it on a purse, even when I have 5 I already love.
  4. I feel you on this one for sure....:yes:

    I do feel guilty....especially b/c I have a family too....

    But the enjoyment of bags and having nice things to give me a not a bad thing....

    I think that limit is the that I dont sacrafice something worth while just so I can have another pretty thing.....I have ordered my last LV untill one needs replacement....:P
  5. If you have everything paid off then yeah live it up! It's your money and you earned it you can spend it any way you please.
    If you haven't paid it off, then start :smile:
    But there is no other "high" in the world as looking and feeling great!

  6. It's all good as long as you aren't hurting your family or yourself. There are a lot of us on purse bans right now & there is even a support group thread.
    Have you thought of selling some off to finance new purchases, it seems to work well for a lot af gals here.
  7. It's all cyclical...I will obsese for awhile, then lay off for awhile, until somethig catches my eye...and pulls me back all evens out ;)
  8. I'm pretty much the same. But I do feel guilty too.
    I will get one more bag before christmas and than it's time to pay off and put money aside for spring collection.
    I have a family too (3 kids) and I don't work so I basically spend family money.
    But sometimes I think that I have sacrificed a few things like an intresting carreer support my hubby and take care of the kids so I "deserve" a little fun!
  9. Ditto:yes: .I'm on the the ban wagon :P .Yeah, maybe sell what you love less and only buy new ones if it sell.
  10. Sometimes I worry when "enough will be enough".

    Don't get me wrong...I loooooove handbags, etc but do worry occassionally that I am getting alittle too materialistic:sad:

    I love them too much to stop though!!!!
  11. i reached the point where i was a bag oriented girl ... everything was bag bag bag ... i devote all my $$ for them ,, i passed the era when i bought no make up, clothes, shoes, perfume, LOL i barely bought skin care products ..

    thankfullly im over it and im glad nowadays i can prioritize other much important things over my bags :smile:
  12. me too, that's why i'm slowing down :P
  13. Well... just a thought. If you're feeling a little guilty, have you ever considered selling one of your bags to help fund a new one? That's always a thought *shrug*
  14. Same here. I know when to stop though and if I don't, BF will say something to remind me of it. At the end of the day, it's just a bag.
  15. YES! Since i've been biten by the lv bug I only have two other bags that arent designer.
    One I bought at aldo and its the styling of the B-bag, I wanted to see if i'd like that style and if the size world work with me. I used it for about a week and its no in the bottom of the closet.
    I have another leather (200$) handbag I purchase to use as my beat up bag and for bad weather and its been in the closet for almost a yr.

    Currently i'm selling off a few bags to fund a limited Edition lv bag and in hopes that my daily bags are gone i'll use the leather one.

    Its an addiction thats for sure, good thing i'm on a strick budget or i'd be in big trouble.