Do you wish you could ? to be the perfect wife or girlfriend.

  1. I have a good marriage--I have a husband that adores me and loves me the way I am, but I wish I was a better cook and I have a feeling he secretly wishes that I was.

    Is there such thing as the perfect wife or girlfriend where you can do anything and everything. I think something always has to be missing. What do you guys think.
  2. ther never is never was never will be perfection with human beeings. and that is a good and interesting thing btw;)
  3. Why not take a cooking class then? Cooking is really simple once you learn the basics, and a lot of fun (especially if you get to say "I cooked this delicious meal, now you can do the dishes to thank me!"). There are even couples' cooking classes so you could learn together.

    I agree that there's no such thing as perfect, but if it's a skill you can learn, why not go ahead and try?
  5. i too wish i had the cooking gene in me.
  6. I agree: you can learn to be a better cook. :smile:

    As for perfection -- not possible! People are constantly evolving. You may be "perfect" one moment ... and a few months later, no longer "perfect." BUT if both of you want to make a relationship work, you can.
  7. WHaT??~?!?! are you trying to imply that I'm not perfect?!?!?!? hehehehheee....dont be silly we are all perfect..;)
  8. No, there is absolutely no one who is the perfect wife or girlfriend. A person can virtually kill themselves trying to achieve perfection, but it just isn't possible.

    The thing is, what may be "perfection" to one person, may not be for another.

    I'd suggest what the others have. Sign up for a cooking class and that will take you one step closer to "perfection"!:P
  9. the first coupld motnhs i did struggle to be the perfect wife and to make my husband happy

    but in the process i only made him and made me crazy with my unrealistic expectations

    so my lesson learned is
    what you see is what you get
  10. I don't know many men who strive to be the perfect husband. Men usually do what they want, whereas women tend to consult their DH or SO before doing what they want to do.

    That said, if *you* want to be a better cook, then by all means take a cooking class. But if you are doing it to be more adoring in his eyes I personally would not. Is he the perfect husband? Is there anything about him that you would want to change, and would he be amenable to doing it?
  11. maybe if you were a wife in the 50's ! if cooking is not your thing..its no big deal..go to a grocery store like whole foods that has alot of precooked foods. He will never know the difference:biggrin:
  12. If the goal is perfection, this would be an act in futility.

    My DH cooks, I do the rest. He is an excellent cook and enjoys it.
    We both were aware of this while we were dating and are OK with it.

    I think in a marriage each partner has their own talents and they may or may not fall along the traditional gender division of household roles.
  13. when i first started dating the bf i tried to be perfect. i'm a really messy person so my apt is always a wreck. before whenever he came over i'd clean for the whole day. it totally stressed me out! now i still clean before he comes over (he only comes over once a week) but i think he knows i'm messy now so i dont really stress out that much. if i don't get everything spotless before he comes over, that's ok.
  14. I'm a rockin' cook, but I have horrible sleeping habits and I hate to clean if I'm not on a whirlwind cleaning phase. I'd like to be a little better at both... even if he does do the laundry and dishes.
  15. I think the notion of a perfect girlfriend/wife is subjective. Different people will want different characteristics for their "perfect" girlfriend/wife.

    I don't think i'm perfect. In fact, i'm far from being perfect, but my fiance loves me the way i am, so i see no reason to change.

    At home my fiance does all the cooking, i can cook, but i chose not to because i hate cooking. I wish i didn't hate it and wish i felt like cooking more often. But i think we have a good deal going between us, he does most of the cooking and i do most of the cleaning :roflmfao: