Do you wish the Classic Jumbo Flap bag had a leather shoulder segment on strap?

  1. I love the Chanel Jumbo flap bag. I tried it on and the chain strap was not comfortable. Do you wish it were designed with a leather shoulder segment on strap to make it more comfortable to wear?
  2. I find the Jumbo to be one of my most comfortable bags. The strap does not bother me on the Jumbo. I have a leather strap on one of my Gucci's and I find that the bag slips off my shoulders more then the chain which tends to stay in place better.
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  3. Whilst I cannot attest to the comfort of the Jumbo strap - personally for me I am not a fan of the leather pieces in any chain strap. For me I could be completely in love with a bag, the design, practicality etc however if I see that little leather piece in the strap I could never fully love it or purchase it! I have no idea where this aversion has come from however for me its a no go.

    Either a full chain strap, or a full leather strap & it hasn't done me wrong yet :smile:
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  4. No! If added a leather piece to the strap, the classic and clean look of the Jumbo would be completely ruined for me. It's also better if the chain can slide freely through the grommets in order to wear the Jumbo as a single, or double chain shoulder bag. Not that it's not possible with added leather pads, but I think it would look bleh, and your choice of how to carry the bag could be narrowed. I know they did this leather strap thing on the boy, but it should never be done to any classic flap, or reissue.
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  5. No. I really really really dislike any bags that have that leather part on the chain. It just ruins the whole look for me. One of the reasons why I won’t get a boy. My personal preference.
  6. I agree.
  7. No x100. :P

    Is it Uncomfortable due to the weight of the jumbo? (Like my already-sold jumbo caviar double flap). My single flap lamb feels so much more comfy.
  8. I find the Jumbo Flap uncomfortable as the chain digs into my shoulder probably due to the weight.
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  9. On a seasonal bag, maybe; On a classic flap, definitely no. Chanel is the one handbag where you can see the straps before you see the bag and your heart will start beating a little faster in anticipation.
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  10. I like the leather insert on a chain strap just for comfort factor, I think it looks fine personally. I just don't think they can change the Jumbo or any classics at this point though, if they wanted to do a seasonal Jumbo like bag with leather insert on strap (I think they've done some with this vibe before) that would be a good option for those who like the Jumbo but find the strap uncomfortable.
  11. No, because then it would remind me of a vintage Chanel instead of a classic Chanel. I do agree that a leather flap would be more practical, but I've seen so many of the vintage ones with this type of strap that it looks a bit dated to me. Perhaps I'd want the leather strap on a seasonal piece, but I'd still want the classics to maintain the look I've come to associate them with.