Do you wish the city was cross body (longer strap?)

  1. I know I've been wanting to wear the city as a cross body for so long, I bought the velo but returned it because it was just flapping all over the place when I walked, so.......i went to a cobbler and had my city strap extended!!! I was so nervous until I saw it and it looked GREAT! He did such a good job, he added 12 inches and I'm so happy I did it.
  2. oh my, please post pic~ this is the first. Most of us have shorten the strap not lengthen it :smile:
  3. We should have alternate strap like these... so we can wear our bags like shoulder bag or cross-body as we wish :wondering
    coach-18981-2.jpg coach-19643-4.jpg
  4. It's a brilliant idea, it goes well with the chain, looks so stylish!