Do you wish the city was cross body (longer strap?)

  1. same as honey .. I have tried subbing straps. I've tried my city strap on my first and my velo strap on my city. as much as in theory these would be great - there's something classic about the way they are made already.. and it felt weird with the longer strap. I feel like the city just wouldn't be right with a longer strap. I know I totally get what everyone is saying but .. perhaps once you tried it you might understand the look and feel just changes too drastically.
  2. ^^Exactly!

    I wanted to add that on those rare occasions when I wanted to wear my city cross body - I attach my bal planet or one made by other vendors - and it makes it perfect for temporary longer wear. Then when I'm done I just attach the planet on the front of the bag = perfect.
  3. Yes, I do. But, I think if I ever decided if I still want to get myself another B Bag, I'll just get myself the Town instead.
  4. I have a black Town and a black City and I just switch the straps when I want a change- it works great. I am sure others do this, too. My Town strap is shortened 6- 8 inches so it works great with the City as well as the Town. I am rather petite so a taller girl wouldn't need to shorten the Town strap.
  5. Hi all~ I wanna add to this, I know I said the City didn't work with a longer cross-body strap. I have to say, I think otherwise now after I took a second look.

    Earlier I had the thought of giving up my Velo because of its long strap, I'm just not a cross-body bag person. I decided to keep it for now and see what can I do with the long strap (which I've already shorten 8" but still a few inches too long for me)

    So this morning, I took out my City and Velo, wanna see at what length a strap would work best on the Velo. I was swapping the strap, doubling up the strap.. I found that:

    - City actually ain't that bad with a longer cross-body strap, first, because of its EW wider size, the long strap is in a "A" shape position and doesn't sink between the "gals" (YKWIM) which I hate with cross-body bag, I feel uneasy and tend to pull on it constantly. And since the City is not crunched up as much as when it's worn by the short shoulder strap and maintain most of its shape, it makes it much easier to reach into!! Aesthetic wise, that's subjective. This time, I didn't find it looks awkward, its rather nice :smile:

    - As for the Velo, even though I have shorten the strap much to suite my height, I guess due to it's shape, it just doesn't "wrap" around my hip and tends to bounce whenever I walk, that drives me crazy!! And I don't need to stress on the strap sitting between the gals part again.

    What I normally do now is doubled up the strap since the Velo is EW narrower, it keeps it shape even worn as a shoulder bag and it's very easy to reach inside, just imagine it like a Day bag but with short handles :biggrin:

    So with all that said, I am gonna to switch strap between the two .. but the problem is, they are not the same color.. :sweatdrop: Guess I don't have to care if it looks odd or what others think~
  6. I loathe cross body - gives me boob thong :nogood:.
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. yes..everytime i take her out :sweatdrop:
  9. :lolots:I have to agree with you - I just can't do cross-body either!
  10. :lolots:

    Same problem with the sinking strap here.
    Haven't been wearing my Velo cross-body because of it.

    Since I generally wear my bags on my shoulder, I love the longer strap on my Velo. So much easier to just reach into the bag, as opposed to taking it off like I do with my City.
  11. I don't necessarily need a longer strap for cross body, but I desire for longer handles to wear on the shoulder- at least as PT :sad:
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    I have a neat woven vintage camera strap that I use on my Cities sometimes. Easy enough to clip on and off, lets me get away with cross body (which I love) and switches up the look.
  13. Sounds great. Could you post a modeling pic please?
  14. My pleasure. Here is it, adjusted to a couple different lengths. The tapestry/woven strap gives it a heavy hippie vibe, but that's totally up my alley! This is my beater Bal, a 2005 City. :smile:

  15. Whoa, schadenfreude, I like your overall look, the long strap goes well with your dress and your hair, very hippies :tup: I did search on eBay for strap and they are mostly camera strap.. now I know they would work, thanks!!
    You should post this on wearing your bag thread