Do you wear your white flaps in winter?

  1. I'm curious to get your feedback. Do you ladies with white flap bags wear them in the winter? I'd love to go with white, but I'm in the midwest and would I wear it more than black? Thanks!
  2. I wear my white in the spring and summer mostly but I wear my black all year round.If u are buying only one, u will wear the black more often!
  3. Thank you, bagmom!
  4. I heard white bags are in this winter (a la Marc Jacobs) :yes:
  5. Being in southern California, I wear whatever, I guess I'm no help....
  6. being in toronto, white is not practical in winter. so my one and only white flap will be used during spring/summer
  7. Ditto! I use my whites year round, but then again we don't really have "seasons" in SoCal. We received all of 2 drops of rain this last winter.
  8. chanels complement most outfits very well regardless of season. it's the outfit, your flair and how you carry yourself.. the chanel complements if not enhances your sense of style that you already have..

    i have 1 white bag, a coach that i use during winter. it's gorgeous contrast against a black tweed coat.
  9. Why not?! It's a beauty!!
  10. I totally understand your situation. White bag with a winter coat on a drab wintery day does not work in my opinion either. Plus if you would be wearing it with dark colors, I think you'd have to worry about color transference to the white bag.
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  12. i would wear a white flap year round for sure.
  13. If I lived in CA or Fl, then I would.