Do you wear your sunglasses as a headband?

  1. I would like to wear my Chanel sunnies as a headband sometimes, but am worried about them falling off my head or "stretching" them out. Do any of you ladies wear them on your head and have they "stretched" out to the point that they're too big?
  2. I must confess to doing this far way more than I ever wear them on my face. I haven't had any problems with my sunglasses. I think if they are a thick plastic frame they may tend to strecth out some what but not to the point where you can't wear them.
  3. actually it is just the screw that becomes looser I think - you can get a kit from the Sunglass Hut with a little screwdriver. but the material to actually stretch - I can't say I experienced that. could be though, it may be I just don't know.
  4. I do this alot!!! Yup like lara said it's the screw than loosens up a bit with a screwdriver for glasses it's easy to fix.
  5. I'm wearing my sunglasses like that right now. And no, mine haven't and won't stretch out because of that. My head's not THAT big...

  6. I do occasionally when I'm running into a store and don't want to take them off and put in my purse. For me I'm worried about bumping them when I get in and out of my car - yikes. I haven't had problems with them stretching out or screws loosening but I don't wear them as a headband for long periods of time...
  7. Thanks ladies!

    I also thought it was the screw that becomes loose and needs tightening until the saleslady at Saks said to be careful wearing them on the head because once they stretch out, they can't be fixed :confused1:. I found it kind of hard to believe that's why I wanted to ask.
  8. If I am outside I wear my sunglasses on my face. If I am going to be inside temporarily (i.e. I'll be stepping outside again in a few minutes) then I'll wear them as a headband. Otherwise the chances of my Chanels falling off are too high. I know it's easy to get the screws tightened again after being "stretched" but I'd rather not use my sunnies as a handbag to the point where they need to be re-screwed just cus of that.

  9. My head is actually small LOL that's why I'm afraid the glasses will fall off my head.
  10. I generally take them off and put them on my head if I'm going inside or into class, etc. But I don't wear them JUST to hold my hair back.
  11. I used to then they fell off and broke so not any more
  12. So sorry to hear that. That's exactly what I'm afraid of.
  13. I only use mine as a headband when I am running inside very quickly. My hair is thick, so they stay in well. If I am going to be inside for more than 20 minutes or so, I put them in their case.

  14. ditto.
  15. I think it only makes sense to wear them on your head for a short period of time. I wear mine into just the beginning of going indoors and then put them right away.
    The reasons are those two, to not stretch them out and to not have them fall off my head and get scatched up or scuffed. Plus by wearing them for a long period of time kind of puts a lot of emphasis on the brand since sunglasses have logo on the legs of them mostly seen when put on top of your head... so it's kind of like "look at me! I don't need to be here on top of this person's head for this length of time but am to show you my brand!" kind of a thing. Not saying that's what you're doing but it's what it looks like.

    My old manager would wear hers for the entire work period... like 8 hours. She just looked funny and people would always ask her why she didn't put them away. She just laughed but it was like... okay, why not put them away? haha