Do you wear your purse over your coat?

  1. WHile I'm daydreaming of my new bag to be (I hope), I started thinking about how it would fit with a sweater? With a fall coat? With a winter coat. Then I thought, "Does any bag I looked at today go over a winter coat?" DO people put them over winter coats???

    If not, what do you do? How do you wear or carry them?:shrugs: Tell me!!!
  2. i usually wear a bag w a bigger strap when i wear my puffy parka or i just wear a satchel on the crook of my arm
  3. One reason I like significant drops on a bag's straps is that I prefer to carry my bag on my shoulder, including when I wear a coat. Where I live, that's a few months each year.

    The best way to know if a bag will fit over your coat is, naturally, to buy it while wearing your coat. :smile: The next best is to wear your coat at home, try on the bags you already own, figure out which one(s) work best, then measure the strap drop. That will tell you which bags are most likely to work with your coat. Online sites often tell you the strap drop. For shopping in person, I carry a mini-tape measure (keychain size) in my purse and will haul it out to measure in the store. I love my tape measure! Another strategy is to carry your best "fits over my coat" bag with you to the store and do a comparison.
  4. If the straps are long enough then I do. If I'm just going out for an hour or so (or having to sit a lot) I don't mind if I have to carry the bag in my hand. But if I'm doing a lot of walking I prefer a bag with long straps so I can put it over my shoulder.
  5. I think it's a matter of personal taste....I really prefer satchels and don't mind carrying them on the crook of my arm.
    You MAY want to consider a convertible bag (I know, I don't think you have one on your "it" list) where you have the option of straps or to hand carry. Just a thought and an option.
    Good luck
  6. These are all good suggestions. The one on the "it" list that had a longer strap and hand straps was the Gryson, which I surprisingly liked!

    We'll see. I won't buy a bag that I can't use on my shoulder because I need hands free with kids... It's always something isn't it? Well, it's fun dreaming of a luxury bag at least!
  7. I also just make sure I buy a long enough drop to go over my winter coat.
  8. When I'm running around with the kids, I wear my Roots Venetian Village, which fits perfectly cross-body style over a coat and sweater without a lot of extra bulk. All the extra pockets are handy for storing snacks, phone, wallet, sunglasses, water, etc.

  9. You can put water in this? Where?
  10. It depends on the order I get dressed in!
  11. After my experience last night (see my new thread) Definitely UNDER.
  12. I absolutely cannot imagine wearing a purse, unless it was REALLLLLLLY tiny, under a coat! HOW??? I yell at my 11 year old for trying to put his coat on over his backpack!
  13. I like flat totes for the most part, other than the Carolina Herrera I'm still lusting after (like a twiggy!) so that' works out. It's a big bulkey sometimes but usually since im not walking too far like that its ok.
  14. I put water in the top zippered section, snacks in the lower slip pocket, wallet in the even lower zip pocket and glasses and phone in the front pockets. I bought the bag specifically to fit over bulky clothes - it would have been too big to carry across my body in the hot summer.
  15. I always wear my bags over my coat. It never even occurred to me that I could wear it underneath:shrugs: