Do you wear your new shoes around the house to break them in before wearing them?

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  1. Who wears their new shoes around the house to break them in, so to speak, before wearing them the first time? I'm sure a lot of you ladies might have discovered this trick ages ago, but I've only started doing this recently. It really helps to do this before wearing a new pair all day!:tup: Who knew! :Push:
  2. I had to do it with a pair of Rupert Sanderson Delta pumps. I wore thick socks in them for 15-20 mins a day for several days. I have to say they are still incredibly uncomfortable but sigh so pretty....
  3. I do this sometimes, when neccessary. right now, I have to wear 10mm heels every day for a while so I won't fall over on my wedding day next year. I try to get these babies as comfy as possible…

    what I find funny is that when I'm in the shops trying on shoes, they rarely hurt! It must be the feeling of wanting them so much.
  4. ^LOL, that or walking 2 steps only before saying "I take them !!!!!":nuts:

    Yes I wear mine around the house, and with socks to break them...then last time I had the neighbour coming to knock on my door, not happy at all....
  5. I also wear mine around the house, with or without socks depending on how comfortable they start out, to break them in. It makes going out in them much less painful!

  6. ^^ New leather is so rigid - that's why new shoes are sometimes uncomfortable until they soften up and give a bit to conform to your feet. :yes:

    I hear you regarding practicing walking in very high heels - it's funny when you see a woman teetering on really high heels that she can't walk in. :lol:
  7. No, I like to torture myself in public. :biggrin:

    Seriously though, I should. If only I were more disciplined...
  8. Yes, I wear every new pair around the house first!
  9. Not really, I just wear them to drool over their reflected image on the mirror. LOL. :graucho:
  10. Yep. With cheaper shoes like nine wests I don't mind moistrurizing the inside of the leather a bit, because no matter how many times I wore those they didn't stretch and just hurt my feet so I moisturized and my foot would slip in and also the material got softer.
  11. Oh yes, I always do it!! :biggrin:
  12. I do with high shoes that I am particularly in love with. I know that I'll want to wear them out and be able to keep them on all evening, so they have to be broken in before. I sometimes wear socks to help loosen them up.
  13. I wear mine around the house and sometimes I take them to work and wear them around my office if they are really hard to break in.
  14. yes! and works like a charm.
  15. Sometimes. I am doing that right now with a pair of Louboutin joli noeud dorcets-they need serious breaking in before I venture out.