Do you wear your jewellery 24/7?

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Do you wear jewellery all the time?

  1. I wear jewellery 24/7

  2. I take it off at night, etc

  3. Other

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  1. I always take jewellery off before going to bed, going in the shower, etc, is it normal to just leave it on?
  2. I leave on my diamond studs, necklace and bracelets but I remove my ring before going to sleep.

    but i'll shower with my jewellery on!
  3. I shower with earrings on, but prefer to remove them if I remember. At the end of the day, the watch, the bracelets and the rings come off. I love my jewelry but I'd rather relax without it.
  4. I take necklaces off at night, but my ering, wedding ring and diamond studs stay on/in all the time. I'm worried I'll lose them if I take them off! Have lost rings before when I took them off for sport and put them in a 'safe' place.

    I do take my rings off if decorating or doing other messy DIY - have found a film of Farrow & Ball emulsion doesn't really improve the look of my diamonds!
  5. There have been a number of threads about this and whether it is better to wear it more or take it off. I guess it goes without saying that opinions vary. I wear diamond studs , a gold bracelet and my rings most of the time because I am more likely to forget them if I remove them, especially away from home. Of course I take them off for messy or potentially damaging activities and I regularly clean things and check my jewelry for damage. Necklaces for me only go on when I leave the house and they come off as soon as I get home.
  6. I always keep my diamond studs and wedding ring on but other things like my watch, e-ring, pendants, bracelets etc are always removed for showering and sleeping. I also always take all my rings off (again except my wedding ring) when cleaning.
  7. I cant stand to wear jewellery esp at bedtime. My skin can be sensitive esp with earrings on all night..
  8. I don't own much jewelry and I keep it on all day and all night. With the exception of when I'm washing me dishes or kneading something with my hands. Once I'm a while I feel my fingers swelling and I'll take my rings off but i just attach it to my necklace because I'm an absolute scatter brains and I'll probably forget where I put it
  9. I usually take off my jewlrey when I come home.
  10. After my jeweler found out I showered and slept in my studs and chastised me for it due to soap scum, conditioner building up etc. . . and the posts getting weakened when I sleep on them I stopped doing it!
  11. I keep only the small diamond studs in my second holes on 24/7, taking them off to clean every couple weeks. Everything else comes off at night.
  12. I wear nothing 24/7. In fact I probably wear no jewelry more than I wear any jewelry.
  13. The only item I wear 24/7 is my wedding won't come off.
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    I leave my gold bracelet on 24/7, it is from my mum on my 21st birthday, I never take it off, only once when I gave birth. I never take off the studs in my second and third ear piercing too, unless I wanna change to other earrings.

    Other than those, I take off my Wedding band, ering, watch, other bracelets, other earrings and necklaces once I reach home.
  15. I definitely take all my jewellery off at night, to shower etc. I don't like wearing jewellery when I'm washing my face or putting on makeup. For one, I find it uncomfortable and I also worry about soap scum build up/getting dirty generally.